The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1550

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1550 – This area has a total of nearly one thousand square meters, including the chairman’s office, lounge, private meeting room and fitness and entertainment rooms.

In this area, ordinary people have no chance to enter.

In other words, from the moment Orrin entered the closed garage of the underground parking lot, he entered an environment where no one could disturb him, and the people who appeared here were his confidants.

After Orrin brought Charlie and a group of bodyguards to his office, he immediately picked up the phone on the desk and said, “Let Jason come over.”

Soon, a middle-aged man in his forties knocked on the door and came in.

When the man saw Orrin, he was stunned. It took a long time to come back to his senses and blurted out: “Chairman, your expression today is so much better than before! Moreover, you look better than before you fell ill… ….”

Orrin nodded slightly and said with a smile: “The doctor told me that the tumor in my body has completely disappeared.”

Jason asked in surprise: “Really Chairman?! All the tumors in your body have disappeared?”

“Yes.” Orrin smiled indifferently: “From now on, I am a healthy person again.”

“Great!” Jason said excitedly, “This is simply a miracle!”

Orrin nodded and smiled: “I think so too.”

Jason was very excited: “The chairman, the two vice-chairmen, and those directors are all discussing your condition in the large conference room outside. Just after the stock market opened, all the stocks of our listed companies all fell by the limit. What else did they say? , If you don’t give up the position of chairman, the stocks will definitely fall to the limit tomorrow, this is good! You can slap them in the face! Then officially announce to the people of the whole country that you have recovered!”

Orrin smiled and said, “This is natural. Since they want me to be critically ill, then I will let them feel what it means to be completely disappointed!”

After that, he said again: “Jason, go and tell them that I will be there to preside over the meeting in five minutes!”

Jason nodded quickly: “Okay Chairman, I will go now!”

After Jason left, Orrin stood up and said to Charlie vigorously: “Charlie, go, with uncle, k**l the enemy before the battle!”

Charlie nodded and smiled, and said, “Uncle Orrin, please ask first.”

Orrin laughed and took Charlie out of the office, and then stepped out of the chairman’s private office area.

In the large conference room on the 58th floor, Hank and Carl, brothers, had already made their sense.

Today they have made perfect preparations.

Not only did they get the support of some minority shareholders, but they also used this morning’s headlines to make the outside world think that the big brother Orrin is about to d*e. Now the stock price has plummeted, and other minority shareholders are also in panic. And continue to fall.

Therefore, in this moment, the board members in the entire conference room have all fallen to their brothers.

Hank had even thought out a specific implementation plan. After the eldest brother came, he directly threw the prepared newspaper in front of him, and then threw all the stock price drop to him.

Then, without waiting for him to explain, he immediately asked the board of directors to vote again and recommend a new chairman on the grounds that the current chairman was incompetent for this important position!


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