The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1545

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1545 – Kenneth Wilson was surprised and shocked, and couldn’t help but sigh: “Speaking of which, Charlie is really f*cking mysterious. He also moved his mouth that day, and then I was confused…”

Having said this, Kenneth Wilson couldn’t help but think of his tragic experience in Aurous Hill.

First he was beaten by Charlie, and then he was deprived of his ability to be a man. This is not the worst!

The worst thing is that I mistakenly believed in the old thing surnamed Weaver, and ate the so-called magic medicine of the Weaver family. Not only did he fail to regain his glory, he almost broke his roots.

In the end, it was under Charlie’s treatment that he could barely save his roots.

As for Charlie’s treatment when he kept his roots, it was another history of blood and tears.

At that time, one liter of urine was matched with one liter of medicine, so that I still have a shadow.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help sighing: “Hey, you two didn’t know, I was in Aurous Hill, my old bone, but his mother made this kid miserable!”

Hank gritted his teeth and said: “According to this, this kid is just the live-in son-in-law of the Aurous Hill family, but how can he get on line with my elder brother? This is too strange!”

After Charlie’s parents were k****d for many years after leaving Eastcliff, Hank had no longer in his mind. The image and memory of Charlie’s father. Therefore, he couldn’t understand Charlie’s identity and could not figure out Charlie’s small The son-in-law of the city hanging silk comes to the door, why can he mix with his eldest brother, and he was invited to the house by the eldest brother to have dinner with his family of three.

You know, with the background of the eldest brother, even those few well-known Internet entrepreneurs in the country cannot be treated like this.

Kenneth Wilson remembered something, and blurted out: “I remember, this Charlie was in Aurous Hill. He was abducted and deceived and scammed many people. Many local figures who have a good reputation should call him Master Wade.”

“Master Wade?” Hank frowned and asked him, “What master? Which kind of master?”

Kenneth Wilson said: “It seems to be Feng Shui or something. It is said that he has a good sense of Feng Shui. The local rich man asked him to see Feng Shui once and he was rewarded with tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. A big villa worth more than 100 million Dollar, I don’t know how this kid can fool around so much.”

Carl hurriedly said, “Second brother! I understand! The eldest brother must be d***g of illness. I really don’t know what to do, so I can only go to the doctor if he is sick, and believe that the metaphysics of Feng Shui luck has come.”

Hank nodded in agreement, and sneered: “I think so! 80% of them are really afraid of d***h and crazy, so I asked a liar to renew my life!”

Carl sneered: “It’s really interesting. Didn’t he yell for all his life that he is an atheist? He never believed in ghosts or gods. How come he is d***g now and believes in Feng Shui luck again?”

“Then who knows to go…” Hank waved his hand and said, “However, this kid is really a bit mysterious. I still don’t understand how he made us lose that ability. Could it be that he really has some metaphysical skills?”

Kenneth Wilson hurriedly said flatteringly: “Oh, my second master, there are some insights about this matter, but it hasn’t been verified. If you don’t mind, I can say it and give you your reference.”

Hank nodded: “You speak it!”


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