The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1543

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1543 – Kenneth Wilson sat on his Rolls Royce, galloping on the road at night. He is very trendy at this time.

After all, it was the invitation of Carl, the third member of the Sun family, who was going to go.

Although Carl ranks at the bottom of the Sun family and does not have any real power, he is still a direct heir of the Sun family after all. Both the amount of assets and the social status are much stronger than Kenneth Wilson.

Therefore, Kenneth Wilson desperately tried to flatter him, hoping to pass him and catch the Sun family line.

Although he didn’t know what Orrin had just looking for himself, but he could take the initiative to find himself, which in itself was a big improvement.

Twenty minutes later.

Kenneth Wilson rushed to Sun’s Hospital, when Carl’s son Daniel was already waiting at the door.

Seeing Kenneth Wilson, he stepped forward and asked, “Is it Uncle Wilson?”

Kenneth Wilson nodded hurriedly and smiled and asked, “Are you Sun’s son?”

“Yes.” Daniel nodded and said, “Uncle Wilson follow me in. Both my father and my second uncle are waiting for you.”

Kenneth Wilson asked in surprise, “Is the second master also there?”

“Yes, they are all waiting for you.”

Kenneth Wilson became excited when he heard this.

In the entire Eastcliff, everyone knows that the Sun family’s boss is seriously ill and that time is running out, so everyone knows that the head of the Sun family will definitely become the second master of the Sun family, Hank.

He didn’t even dare to dream that he would have a chance to get along with the second master of the Sun family.

But isn’t there a ready-made opportunity in front of us today?

He hurriedly followed Daniel to the intensive care ward. In the ward, he saw Hank and Carl with strange expressions.

As soon as Orrin saw him come in, he hurriedly drove all the other people out except the second brother, leaving only three of them in the ward.

So Orrin just got into the topic and asked Kenneth Wilson: “Old Wilson, I ask you one thing, you must answer truthfully.”

Kenneth Wilson said without hesitation: “Don’t worry, I must know that everything is endless!”

Carl endured the shame and embarrassment, and asked, “Old Wilson, I ask you, are you infertile now?”

After Kenneth Wilson heard this, his whole body was struck by lightning, standing still, dumbfounded, not knowing what to do.

He didn’t even dream of it. As soon as Orrin spoke, he asked such a question that hit the soul directly.

He could not help secretly: “I did lose my fertility, but outsiders don’t know about it! How did Carl know about it? Should I admit to such a shameful thing? In addition, Carl called me over to ask me this. What is the problem?”

Seeing that Kenneth Wilson looked embarrassed, but didn’t say a word, Orrin was just anxious, and he smacked his lips and said, “Oh, old Wilson, what are you doing? Is it such a question, so difficult to answer? Just tell me, is it or not?”

Although Kenneth Wilson didn’t know why Carl asked himself this question, but thinking about his inexhaustible and inexhaustible promise to him just now, he still bit the bullet and said: “Mr. Sun, to be honest, I really have no fertility.”


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