The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1537

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1537 – Hank’s words not only shocked everyone present, but also made the third child Carl around him involuntarily clamp his legs.

In terms of probability and logic, the son, nephew, and second elder brother all have problems in that area, and the chances that they will be spared accidentally are very slim.

Therefore, he also hurriedly inserted his hand into his trouser pocket, through the lining of the trouser pocket, went there and pinched it. After this pinch, he was shocked immediately!

Because of him, I can’t feel it at all…

He immediately cried and wailed, “I am still there! Check it out for me too, and I suddenly didn’t feel it…”

The whole treatment room is full of shock…


This is too incredible, right?

Two generations of the Sun family and four males have all lost that ability? !

How is this possible?

If it is caused by illness, most of the diseases similar to the deterioration of body function are not contagious, like paralysis, s****e, Parkinson, frostbite, and muscle weakness. Similar diseases have never been contagious.

Therefore, if one of these four people had such a problem, it would still be understandable.

However, four people appear at the same time, which is too weird?

Moreover, even if it is a genetic problem, there has never been a case of a family of four at the same time.

For example, all men in this family have inherited the gene for hair loss. There is also a period of time. For example, they all begin to lose a lot of hair around the age of 40, and they are completely bald around the age of 50.

However, I have never heard of anyone with hereditary hair loss. Then one day, four men, forty-eight, forty-six, twenty-four, and twenty-one, all became bald at the same time. What a thing!

The director of the andrology department became more and more confused as he thought about it, and his already nervous palms were full of sweat.

Because he has no idea where to start the treatment.

After a systematic test, he was basically able to determine that all the four people in the Sun family had exactly the same symptoms, but he just didn’t understand what caused them to get sick.

So he hurriedly asked: “Second Master and Third Master, you two will help me carefully recall what unusual places you have been to together recently, what unusual foods have been eaten together, and what unusual things have been encountered together. Things? Especially things with radioactive contamination!”

“No!” Hank blurted out: “We have been in Eastcliff for this period of time, and we haven’t been anywhere! We haven’t touched anything strange!”

Carl nodded again and again: “Our respective homes have comprehensive monitoring equipment. The quality of water supply and air quality are constantly monitored. There are no sources of pollution in the house, and a comprehensive radiological investigation has been done. There is absolutely no possibility of any radioactive materials. .”

“That’s too weird…” The director of the andrology department bit the bullet and said, “The current situation is that the cause of the disease cannot be found at all. If the cause of the disease cannot be found, there is no way to start!”

Hank yelled: “Mom’s waste! I can’t even find the cause of the disease. What the h**l do I want you to do?!”

The director of the andrology department said humblely: “Second Lord, you can certainly realize this is very strange without me. It may even be beyond the scope of medicine, so even if you beat me and scold me, it will not help! We are now We must work together to find a way to find out the cause of the disease, and then follow the path to find a cure…”


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