The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1530

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1530 – Charlie’s parents, from the looks of them, are also absolutely human beings.

Charlie’s father is handsome, and his mother is glamorous and generous, especially the beauty of Charlie’s mother, Angie can’t compare with it, no matter what era, they are outstanding.

It’s a pity that the pair of golden boys and girls who were famous in Eastcliff back then are now gone, leaving only mottled images and remaining memories.

At that time, Orrin was not married, so at the wedding, he stood alone beside Charlie’s father and took a photo with Charlie’s parents.

Then there are photos of Orrin and Angie’s wedding.

Charlie’s parents were there to congratulate his wedding.

So, the four of them took a group photo.

Then, it was Charlie who was born, and the four people in the photo became five people. He was wrapped in a baby and hugged by his mother.

Then Stefanie was born.

As a result, the photo became six people.

These six people, from two children in their infancy, became Charlie standing beside their parents, and then Stefanie also standing beside their parents.

Then, there was a group photo of the two children.

Charlie is half a head taller than Stefanie, so he looks like a big brother, while Stefanie is like a little sister, closely following Charlie’s side.

What’s interesting is that in the group photo of the two people, each Stefanie grasped Charlie’s arm tightly, with a very happy expression.

Charlie, who was on the side, always had a pretentious taste, deliberately trying to keep a distance from Stefanie.

Orrin sighed while looking at these old photos for him: “I didn’t expect that time flies so fast. In a blink of an eye, you are already so old.”

Charlie saw so many old photos of his parents, his eyes were red, and he almost shed tears several times, but he abruptly endured it.

Seeing this, Orrin patted his shoulder lightly and said, “Charlie, your parents know well. If you know the news of your safety, you will definitely be very happy.”

Charlie nodded and said with emotion: “It’s just that I feel a little shameless to face them. I haven’t visited them for so many years, and I am ashamed. Moreover, for so many years, I haven’t made any proud achievements or sorry for the cultivation of my parents.”

“Don’t say that.” Orrin said earnestly: “Your parents are open-minded throughout their lives, and they have never hoped that their sons will become a dragon. They are the dragons and phoenixes among people, so the expectation of you has always been that you can grow up healthy and happy for a lifetime. Don’t have any sorrows and troubles.”

Speaking of this, Orrin smiled and said, “Do you know that your mother really likes the name Lily in Jin Yong’s novels? I think it’s a very good name, but Lily in the book is not a good person. When you were born, your mother joked that if you were a little girl, she would name you Lily.”

Charlie smiled knowingly, thinking of his mother, there was a warm current in his heart.

Indeed, as Orrin said, my mother never hoped that she would become a dragon or a phoenix. She told herself from an early age that a person needs to be happy when he is alive. It is enough to be a kind and upright person. Achievement and status are not important.

After chatting with Orrin for an afternoon, when Angie came in to deliver the fruit, she said to Charlie: “Charlie, the guest room has been prepared for you. On the second floor next to the girl’s room, you drank so much wine at noon. Go back to your room and rest for a while. If there is anything, you can just find us directly.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded: “Thank you Angie.”


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