The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1523

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1523 – The efficacy of Rejuvenating Pill is beyond doubt.

This is the essence recorded in the “Apocalyptic Book”, which can make the d**d trees come in spring, can rejuvenate the elderly, and can make the d***g people repeat health.

At the beginning, Don Albert was seriously injured by Webb’s bodyguard, and his breath was almost absent, only the last faint breath was hanging.

In that case, even the best doctor in the world can only save his life, but he can never save his brain, and it is better to be a vegetative end.

However, after taking a rejuvenation pill, Don Albert not only fully recovered, his whole body was even more than ten years younger.

This shows how magical the efficacy of rejuvenation Pill is.

Therefore, Charlie firmly believes that Rejuvenating Pill will also heal Orrin!

At this time, Orrin took the Rejuvenation Pill in front of his wife and daughter, and immediately felt an unprecedented sense of comfort, dissolving in his belly.

The whole body is like the ground completely chapped under the perennial drought. There is no more water in the soil.

However, this medicinal power is like an endless stream of clear springs, which instantly gushes out from the cracks in the ground, not only moisturizing the entire earth, but also covering the entire earth with abundant water!

Originally, his physical stamina had been consumed more than 80% by a serious illness. He had personally experienced the feeling that his body was constantly getting worse.

It was like a hole opened at the bottom of a bucket of water, allowing him to directly feel the accelerated passing of life on his body.

However, at this moment, he suddenly realized that the feeling that life is better than d***h seemed to be repeated backwards!

He could clearly feel that his own passing life was quickly added back.

Soon, he felt that his body had recovered to 50% of what it was when he was healthy!

Immediately afterwards, it was 70%! It’s 90%!

After that, it was ten percent!

In just over a minute, he felt that he had returned to his healthy state.

When I was sick, I was 48 years old, and now I am 50 years old.

Although there is a difference of two years, 48 years old is a healthy 48 years old, 50 years old, a d***g 50 years old, the gap is different every day!

And now, he has found the feeling of being healthy and strong at the age of 48!

He felt that all this was really amazing, it was like having the most beautiful dream before d***g!

However, the surprise is not over yet!

After all, this is a rejuvenation pill! !

This is the rejuvenation pill that Lord Moore is willing to bow his head and kneel to Charlie!

This is Don Albert’s rejuvenating pill for Charlie’s liver and brain!

This is a rejuvenating pill that Travis Lane is willing to spend 2 billion Dollar in!

How could such a miraculous and precious rejuvenation pill only bring Orrin’s body back to when he was forty-eight?

Rejuvenating Pill is like a magical force that can travel through time, dragging Orrin’s body back desperately!

Then, Orrin felt that he seemed to be back when he was forty-five years old!

That year, one thing impressed him particularly deeply.

That year, his father died.

Orrin, who was extremely filial and filial, bought the best golden nanmu coffin for his father.

It takes sixteen young adults to lift the coffin.

Orrin took his younger brothers Hank and Carl and joined them, hoping to carry the coffin for his d**d father by himself.

However, Hank and Carl couldn’t support them at all, and were panting after trying them once.

In the end, it was Orrin and 15 young people who lifted the coffin and sent it to the cemetery.


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