The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1522

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1522 – So, Charlie took a deep breath, looked at the three of them, and said seriously: “Uncle Orrin, Angie, and Daisy, with me Charlie alive, no matter where I am, I will not let you be bullied!”

After speaking, Charlie looked at Orrin again and said seriously: “Uncle Orrin, I have a way to cure your disease and restore your health!”

If Charlie said such a thing during dinner, Orrin would not believe it. He knew that his disease could never be cured.

But only to see that after Charlie defeated the G*d of War and the realm master with his own power, he suddenly had an extremely strong trust in Charlie.

He felt that since Charlie said so, he must be certain.

So he hurriedly asked: “Charlie, do you really have a way to heal me?!”

Angie also blushed and said: “Yes, Charlie, your uncle Orrin’s condition is really too serious. We asked this directly the top expert, but they all…”

Speaking of this, Angie did not go on.

In this case, the family of three has heard it too many times.

No matter which top expert is found, they all say that there is no cure for the disease, and it can last a few months at most.

Charlie said confidently at this time: “Angie, don’t worry, if I say yes, I can definitely do it!”

With that said, he took out a rejuvenating pill from his pocket, handed it to Orrin, and said earnestly: “Uncle Orrin, take this medicine, all your diseases will be cured!”

Orrin stared at him dumbfounded: “This…this…is this medicine so amazing?!”

If someone else handed him such a medicine and said that one pill would cure his illness, Orrin would definitely not believe it!

Because this completely subverted his understanding of the world, disease, c****r, and even life.

However, this was what Charlie said, so he suddenly felt that Charlie’s words might really be a little credible!

Thinking of this, he immediately asked: “Charlie, can I just take this medicine?”

Charlie nodded lightly: “S*****w it directly, take it with warm water, and go and pour Uncle Orrin a glass of warm water.”

“Okay Charlie!” Stefanie immediately got up and poured a cup of warm water over.

Angie’s expression on the side was a little complicated.

She was skeptical at this moment in her heart.

Half believe, and half feel unlikely.

However, she changed her mind to think that Charlie would never harm her husband. It was nothing more than a pill. Even if the disease could not be cured, it should not hurt the body too much.

So she didn’t speak, and waited for her husband to take the medicine to see if it worked.

When the warm water was brought, Orrin did not hesitate, put the rejuvenating pill that exuded a strong medicinal fragrance into his mouth, took another sip of water, and then raised his head and swallowed the rejuvenating pill…


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