The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1512

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1512 – After speaking, he gritted his teeth and said to Hank: “Second! Let them stop and don’t hurt Charlie, I promise your terms!”

In Orrin’s view, Charlie is not only his favorite son-in-law in the future, but also the only bloodline of his brother who has passed away many years. In any case, he can’t sit back and watch Charlie d*e because of himself!

In that case, he would have no face to face Charlie’s parents.

Hank clutched his wrists, gritted his teeth and cursed: “Compromise now? It’s too late! This kid dares to hurt me, I’m sure to let him be broken into pieces!”

After that, he said to the two men: “K**l him! Immediately! Immediately!”

Hank’s two bodyguards also looked grim at this time.

One of them is known as the G*d of War, and the other is known as the realm master!

They are all famous characters in the arena, and now being so insulted by a little kung fu boy, naturally it is indignant, just thinking of k*****g him to defend his dignity.

Just when the two rushed to Charlie, Stefanie, Orrin, and Angie were all nervous and their hearts beating like drums. They were all afraid that Charlie would have a slight accident. Especially for the couple, they had just met Charlie met again, and didn’t dare to put Charlie in danger.

But just between the electric flints, Charlie did not retreat. Instead, he greeted the g*d of war and the realm master. He transferred his reiki to both hands, with one arm, and it was like catching a chicken in an instant, one in each hand. , Grabbing the two people’s necks, and lifting them up!

At this moment, everyone was stunned in shock!

what happened?

What the h**l is going on?

This is Eastcliff’s famous G*d of War and Realm Lord!

The strength of these two people, in the circle of bodyguards of the rich in Eastcliff, can almost go sideways.

Except for the top metaphysical masters supported by the Banks Family and the Wade Family in the legend, the others are not their opponents at all.

However, a young man like Charlie directly defuses the two men’s offense, and directly grabs the two men’s necks and makes the two feet leave the ground immediately!

At this time, Charlie’s hands were like hydraulic pliers with dozens of tons of pressure, and they stuck their necks firmly.

The two were shocked instantly!

Desperately kicking his legs and waving his arms, he wanted to interrupt Charlie’s arms and escape to life.

However, only then did he realize that his body seemed to be choked by all power! The arms flicked up, like two long inflated balloons, they couldn’t use half of their power at all!

Naturally, the same is true for his legs, and he can only hang in the air, unable to kick even if he wants to.

The expressions of the two of them were terrified, and their complexions quickly turned black and purple because of their s*********n.

The Sun family were also scared silly.

What the f*ck is this monster? ! One person, two hands, made a G*d of War and a realm master like this bird? !


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