The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1479

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1479 – Claire didn’t question Charlie’s remarks.

In her impression, Charlie gradually got to know a lot of big people in Aurous Hill because he knew Feng Shui.

To be honest, Charlie really helped the family a lot by looking at Feng Shui.

Otherwise, it is impossible for the family to live in such a good villa and lead such a superior life.

In the past, Claire was very worried that Charlie was fooling others by seeing Feng Shui, for fear that Charlie would explode with thunder one day.

However, with the development of time, she discovered that none of the big people Charlie knew about Feng Shui had turned against him.

This also proved that Charlie’s ability to see Feng Shui should have real talents, so he didn’t need to worry too much.

Therefore, she softly said: “Eastcliff is not Aurous Hill. There are many very powerful characters in the place where dragons and tigers are hidden. If you go to Eastcliff, don’t do whatever you want like in Aurous Hill, especially don’t conflict with others. , We just do things, and come back as soon as we are done.”

Charlie hurriedly nodded and said: “Good wife, I know, don’t worry, I will definitely not have any conflicts with others, I will come back immediately after I finish my Feng Shui.”

Claire nodded: “Okay, you have to pay more attention to yourself.”

Charlie thought, after he came back from Eastcliff, he should be going to Japan, and he had to get Kobayashi P************l in his hands, so that it would speed up the production of Nova Dias.

Moreover, when the production capacity is sufficient, you can also prepare for the trial production of the liver protection tablets.

Therefore, he simply gave Claire a vaccination in advance and said: “By the way, Claire, after I return from Eastcliff, I may have to go to Japan again.”

“Go to Japan?” Claire and his family of three were very surprised.

Claire blurted out and asked, “Isn’t it? Does someone in Japan invite you to see Feng Shui?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Do you remember Liam from Weaver’s Pharmaceuticals?”

Claire nodded: “Remember, didn’t you also show him Feng Shui?”

“Yes.” Charlie said: “His Oracle P************l wants to acquire a Japanese p************l company next, so he wants me to go to Japan to help him see if the company’s Feng Shui is the same as that of his head office.”

Claire asked in confusion, “Does Feng Shui still have so much attention to detail?”

Charlie said: “My wife, don’t you know that Feng Shui is very particular about Feng Shui. If his head office is Feng Shui, the Feng Shui of the company to be acquired in Japan belongs to Gold. After the completion of the acquisition, it will naturally be smooth sailing.”

“However, if the Japanese company is a water company, then water will overcome fire. After the acquisition is completed, he will not only not rise to the next level, but it may even be affected by that side, so that the entire company will go. The road is downhill, so he asked me to go over and help him take a good look. If there are any hidden dangers in Feng Shui, I will help him change the Feng Shui Bureau directly in Japan.”

Jacob was fascinated by it, and said excitedly: “Oh, good son-in-law, you can talk a little bit more quickly, I’m listening enthusiastically, just talk a little bit more so I can brag to others in the future!”

Elaine on the side was very pleased and asked: “Good son-in-law, I invite you to visit Eastcliff and give 8 million. Then, if you go to Japan, wouldn’t it be tens of millions?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Almost.”

“Oh!” Elaine applauded happily: “Good son-in-law, good son-in-law! How fast is your money-making speed different from opening a money printing machine! Why don’t you learn how to look at Feng Shui earlier, in that case, It’s not necessary for our family to be looked down upon everywhere in the past few years, don’t you think?”

Jacob said solemnly: “You know what a f**t, it’s a good meal, not afraid of being late!”

Elaine exploded: “Jacob, are you sick today? Why don’t you have to f*ck me no matter what I say? I will give you a face when the time comes, right?”

Jacob owes a bit, always looking for a chance to run on Elaine, but if Elaine is really aggressive, he is not an opponent at all.


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