The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1468

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At this moment.

Jiro Kobayashi was sitting in the reception room of Oracle P************l.

Because Nova Dias was madly sought after and snapped up as soon as it went on the market, Liam’s production pressure was very heavy!

Since last night, the magical effect of Nova Dias has been madly advertised by people on platforms such as Moments of Friends and TikTok, coupled with the influence of Stefanie Sun’s aura, so it can be described as hot.

The popularity of this medicine is too high, and the most direct pressure is insufficient productivity.

Therefore, Liam decided to pay the employees double their wages so that they could work overtime and produce Nova Dias at the fastest speed.

Because of this, he personally went to the workshop to instruct production early this morning, and held a mobilization meeting for the employees in the workshop to mobilize the fighting spirit of the employees.

Therefore, there is no time to receive Jiro Kobayashi who came to see him early.

Only let the secretary receive Jiro Kobayashi and let him wait in the reception room.

Jiro Kobayashi was already waiting and getting upset.

I should go to the game today to cheer for Nanako Ito.

However, for the sake of Kobayashi P************l’s future, he could only reluctantly give up this idea and rushed to Oracle P************l.

I thought that if the talk went well, I might have time to get back to the stadium.

Unexpectedly, Liam directly left himself in the reception room for nearly two hours!

At this time, his mobile phone suddenly received a message: “The Aurous Hill International College Sanda Competition has officially come to an end. Chinese player Aurora won the championship!”

He hurriedly clicked on this post, skipped the report of Aurora’s victory, and went directly to the report about Nanako Ito.

When he saw the news in the report that Nanako Ito was seriously injured and returned to Japan for treatment on the spot, he couldn’t help but cursed: “D**n! If I can follow Nanako Ito at this time, I must be able to take the opportunity to win. Does she have a good feeling?

After all, under the double blow of failure and injury, a woman should be very fragile in her heart and need the care and care of others.

“Hey, such a good opportunity, what a pity!”

Liam did not end the mobilization meeting of the workshop until more than ten o’clock and came to the reception room.

As soon as he entered the reception room, Jiro Kobayashi immediately got up and said enthusiastically: “Oh, you must be Manager Weaver!”

Liam nodded: “Yes, it’s me, your Excellency is Mr. Jiro Kobayashi?”

“Yes, it’s right here!” Jiro Kobayashi smiled respectfully and said: “Manager Weaver, when we meet for the first time, please take care of me.”

Liam had known about the things that Kobayashi’s brother and Ichiro Kobayashi had done.

Therefore, he has always been wary of Jiro Kobayashi.

So he frowned and asked, “Mr. Kobayashi, I don’t know what it is for me to come here this time?”

Jiro Kobayashi laughed and complimented: “I heard that your company has launched a Nova Dias. It happens that our Kobayashi P************l also has a Kobayashi Niranex that is sold throughout Asia, so I want to come over and talk to Manager Weaver about the cooperation. .”

“Cooperation?” Liam said without hesitation: “I’m sorry, Mr. Kobayashi, we Oracle P************l, there is nothing to cooperate with Kobayashi P************l!”


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