The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1456

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1456 – When taking Nova Dias, Jiro Kobayashi was completely unconcerned.

He felt that this medicine must be much worse than his own Niranex, but how much worse it depends on how he feels after taking a pack.

However, in the next second, he immediately frowned tightly.

After taking Nova Dias, Jiro Kobayashi could clearly feel a warm current in his abdomen.

This warm current is like a spring rain that moisturizes things, quickly enveloping his stomach, and it brings very powerful and effective care and analgesic effects, giving him a warm feeling.

And the discomfort in his stomach, because of this warm current, immediately disappeared, and his whole body became extremely comfortable!

When I took Kobayashi’s Niranex by myself, I felt this way, but in terms of the effect, it was a thousand miles away!

“Why is this Oracle Nova Dias, the medicinal effect so good? It’s incredible! Even if I usually take two packets of Niranex, I don’t feel so comfortable! Why is this medicine so amazing? What kind of formula is used? !”

Thinking of this, Jiro Kobayashi gave a thud, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Kobayashi’s Niranex is the next trump card for Kobayashi P************l to enter the world!

He didn’t want the trump card to be immediately crushed by a powerful competitor soon after it went public!

If no measures and methods are adopted, then Niranex, in the face of the powerful medicinal effects of this Oracle Nova Dias, can basically be declared a failure!

Jiro Kobayashi was flustered and anxious, and at the same time he kept comforting himself, and wondered: “Could it be that the effect of this medicine comes and goes quickly? If the effect of Nova Dias will dissipate soon, then he There is still a chance for Kobayashi’s Niranex!”

So Jiro Kobayashi decided to wait!

Wait and see if the stomach discomfort will recur in a short time.

However, Jiro Kobayashi waited for an hour, only to discover a fact that shocked him even more.

The medicinal effect of this Oracle Nova Dias hasn’t diminished at all, and his stomach still feels very refreshing, like soaking the whole person in a hot spring in the winter.

He couldn’t help exclaiming: “What the h**l is this?! How could there be such a strong stomach powder?! I have read the ancient Chinese prescriptions several times. Niranex can be said to be the best prescription in ancient Chinese prescriptions. With the addition of some modern upgrades and improvements of my own, it is possible to have the current effect. I originally thought that Niranex had reached the top.”

“However, this Oracle Nova Dias, the effect of the medicine is even dozens of blocks away from Niranex!”

At this moment, Jiro Kobayashi’s stomach is extremely comfortable, and his heart is extremely painful!

I was planning to leap up from Niranex and directly become the world’s top p************l company, but I didn’t expect that before it had time to rise, I was shot to d***h by the Oracle Niranex of this dog!

It’s impossible to be reconciled to someone else!

He immediately called his assistant and asked, “What is the market price of this Nova Dias Stomach Powder?”

The assistant said: “The retail price is the same as our Niranex…”


Jiro Kobayashi felt a sharp pain in his heart!

He couldn’t help but reprimanded in irritation: “This… it’s d**n clear to aim at our Kobayashi’s stomach powder! Oracle P************l, d**n it!”


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