The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1454

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1454 – According to feedback, the sales volume increased seven or eight times at once, far exceeding his expectations.

Look at it this way, Kobayashi P************l will soon take a step forward!

At this point, he felt refreshed and couldn’t help drinking a few more shots of strong wine.

After these few sips of wine, my stomach is hot.

Immediately afterwards, there was some pain.

Jiro Kobayashi’s expression changed slightly, and immediately reached out for his own Kobayashi’s stomach powder.

In fact, Jiro Kobayashi has always had a hidden stomach problem.

He has a good wine nature, and loves to drink the most, and he likes to drink strong alcohol, so some roots of the disease have long been left in his stomach.

Last year, his stomach problem got worse, and the doctor told him to stop drinking. In order to solve his stomach problem, he relied on his professional knowledge of p******y, and specifically read a lot of Chinese classical medical books and studied a lot. The prescription, Niranex was formulated.

As a daily medicine that can relieve stomach discomfort, Kobayashi’s stomach powder is very successful. But this kind of stomach powder is like a plaster, which can greatly relieve joint rheumatism, but it is almost impossible to say a radical cure.

Stomach powder is actually the same.

It is impossible to cure serious stomach diseases with Niranex. Just like a person, the cartilage at the knee joint has worn out, and the pain is all day long. In this case, plastering can only temporarily relieve the pain, at most It has the effect of reducing swelling and inflammation, but it must not restore a person’s damaged knee cartilage.

In other words, even if this kind of patient puts on a lifetime plaster, it is impossible to cure his knee joint injury.

The same goes for Kobayashi’s Niranex.

Jiro Kobayashi formulated Kobayashi’s Niranex according to ancient Chinese prescriptions. Although it has a great relieving effect on his stomach problems, it has not been able to cure him for a long time, so that Jiro Kobayashi now takes several packets of Kobayashi’s Niranex every day to relieve his stomach.

Just as he had just picked up two packets of Kobayashi’s Niranex and was about to drink it with whiskey, a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

He put down the wine glass and his stomach, and walked to the door. Through the screen of the electronic eye, he saw his assistant standing outside the door, so he stretched out his hand to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, he looked at the assistant outside and asked, “It’s so late, what’s the matter?”

The assistant immediately handed a packet of medicine to him, and said nervously: “Chairman, today a local p************l factory in Aurous Hill suddenly launched a stomach powder called Nova Dias, and also specially invited the hottest one in China. Female star Stefanie Sun came to endorse that this d**g has already set off a panic buying frenzy across the country!”

“What the h**l?!”

Jiro Kobayashi frowned and said coldly: “D**n, Chinese p************l companies dare to imitate our Kobayashi P************l’s products, it’s too much!”

When Jiro Kobayashi said this, he didn’t even think that Kobayashi’s Niranex itself copied ancient Chinese prescriptions.

He took the Oracle Nova Dias, looked at it a few times, and said disdainfully: “There are at least a dozen products that imitate our Kobayashi Nova Dias. There are at least a dozen products in China, South Korea and Southeast Asia, but none of them can match ours. This Oracle Nova Dias It must be the same, just rubbish, not enough.”

The assistant said, “But, this medicine is unusual! It is endorsed by Stefanie Sun, and Stefanie Sun has never endorsed any substantive products before. This is the first time, so the fan effect is very strong. Fans of hers have already generated extremely scary purchasing power!”


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