The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1440

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1440 – When Nanako Ito was visiting Master Kazuki Yamamoto, he heard the news that in today’s match, Australian athlete Victoria, who was defeated by Aurora, was also receiving treatment at Aurous Hill People’s Hospital.

Koichi Tanaka specifically went to inquire about it and told her a result that shocked her.

It turned out that in the game, Victoria was kicked by Aurora and broke both her arms. Now she is put in a plaster and officially announced that she will withdraw from the third place competition the day after tomorrow. He handed over the third place title of this game to Nanako Ito’s men. Michelle defeated.

Moreover, Victoria not only withdrew from this competition. And there is a great probability of complete retirement.

Because for a Sanda athlete, the arms are very important. After the arms are broken, it is difficult to recover even if they recover.

For a professional athlete, the impact may be lifelong. It is very likely that she will ruin her career. Nanako Ito was stunned by the news.

She knew about Victoria, injured both arms in the game, but she didn’t know that Victoria was injured so badly.

Victoria is also a top-level Sanda player, but Aurora kicked her arms off, which proves that Aurora’s physical strength and strength are far beyond what normal people can match.

Although Nanako Ito is stronger than Victoria, she is strong in skills and experience, but her physical fitness is even slightly worse than that of the tall white Victoria.

Even Victoria couldn’t resist Aurora’s blow, so when she faced Aurora the day after tomorrow, she was afraid it would be very dangerous.

After listening to this, Yamamoto Kazuki couldn’t help but sighed and said, “Nanako, according to my opinion, you should abstain from the game the day after tomorrow.”

Nanako Ito asked in surprise: “Master, what do you mean? Why do you want me to abstain at this time? Didn’t you say that the real strong will never surrender without a fight?”

Yamamoto Kazuki sighed: “That’s just a normal situation! But now you have also seen that Aurora is extremely strong. If you fight against her, you are most likely to be seriously injured. Then, you won’t lose a game. In the game, you lose your entire career!”

Nanako Ito pursed her mouth and murmured, “But if I retreat without a fight this time, what face will I have to continue practicing martial arts in the future? Isn’t there an old saying in China that I know that there are tigers in the mountains, and I go to the mountains?”

Yamamoto Kazuki eagerly said: “There is an old saying in China! It is called staying in the green mountains, I am not afraid that there is no firewood! If you are really seriously injured, your future career may be abandoned!”

Nanako Ito resolutely said: “Master, I finally made Charlie look at me with great difficulty today. If I give up the game, he will despise me, so I will not escape, on the contrary, I must try my best in the finals. If I go forward, even if I must lose, I will lose with dignity!”

Yamamoto Kazuki sighed heavily: “Hey! If Charlie is willing to accept you as a disciple, everything is easy to say, but Charlie’s current attitude is that he is unwilling to accept you. Even if you show up in front of him, Okay, so what, in his eyes, you are a foreigner, an alien!”

“It doesn’t matter.” Nanako Ito smiled slightly and said softly: “It doesn’t matter whether he accepts me as a disciple, I just don’t want to be looked down upon by him or looked down upon him!”

Yamamoto Kazuki understands Nanako Ito and knows that her current attitude is very determined, and he can’t change his decision.

So she looked at Koichi Tanaka next to her and said, “Tanaka, on the court at that time, if Miss Ito is injured, you must throw a towel to the referee in time, understand?”

Hiroshi Tanaka was about to nod, and Nanako Ito scolded with a cold face: “Tanaka! You must not lose your towel at that time! In this game, I can accept any defeat, but I just don’t accept the initiative to give up!”


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