The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1429

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1429 – In the air, there was even Aurora’s voice of breaking through the sky.

Victoria’s face was shocked!

She had watched Aurora’s game against Joanna, and knew that Aurora was extremely explosive, and with this kick, she was afraid that she would fly directly out of the ring like Joanna.

As a result, she quickly withdrew her right leg one step, the left and right legs were in a triangle shape with the ground to strengthen the stability of her bottom plate, and then she blocked her arms in front of her, preparing to block Aurora’s blow with a deblocking action.

But she was not Joanna, and she had no idea how strong Aurora’s kick was!

She only felt that her arms were hit by a huge force, and then she heard two crisp cracks, and her two arms were kicked and broken!

Accompanied by a strong pain, she could no longer withstand the powerful force, and her whole body was like Joanna in the previous game, and she threw back into the air directly!

A huge exclamation broke out at the scene!

No one thought that Aurora could be so strong!

And Victoria’s coach also looked terrified at this time, he quickly threw the towel into the air, and rushed to Victoria very nervous!

After a while, Victoria was taken away from the scene by the doctor with a painful face, and Aurora once again won and advanced to the final!

A burst of cheers broke out at the scene, and it was an unprecedented breakthrough for Chinese players to enter the finals of the college Sanda competition.

While celebrating the victory here, Nanako Ito was beaten repeatedly by Michelle from the United States. She didn’t make a move, so that she was hit by Michelle several times in the face, and the corners of her mouth and eyes were bruised and b****y. , Looks very miserable.

While Michelle wondered why Nanako Ito only resisted and didn’t fight back, she also seized the opportunity to beat Nanako Ito frantically.

In her opinion, Nanako Ito should be out of state, so she just took this opportunity to defeat her in one fell swoop.

Nanako Ito felt the severe pain coming from the injured part and tried to fight back several times, but she resisted the urge.

She warned herself in her heart: “I can’t act rashly! I want to win with one move! I must win with one move! I must make Charlie look at me with admiration! Michelle, you can a****k with all your strength! I will not fight back! At least Before I find your f***l flaw, I will never fight back! Because you are not my enemy at all in my eyes, you are just the transcript that I proved myself to Charlie!”

Michelle doesn’t know what Nanako Ito is thinking, she just feels that she has finally found a chance to be shameful!

I have been defeated by her many times before, and today, I am going to defeat her in the face of the whole world in a devastating way!

Thinking of this, she immediately punched Nanako Ito one after another, every punch was extremely harsh!

At this time, the referee on the other side of the ring had already announced Aurora’s victory. Aurora rushed off the stage excitedly and hugged Charlie, happily with nothing to add.

Charlie patted her on the back and smiled: “Don’t be so happy now. You have a game to play in two days. Go take a shower and change your clothes.”

Aurora nodded hurriedly, and said with admiration and admiration: “Coach Wade, you must wait for me, don’t slip away while I am going to change clothes!”

Charlie nodded: “Okay, I’m waiting for you.”

Aurora was relieved, and after bowing to the audience, she returned to the backstage rest area.

Charlie only paid attention to the war in the next ring.


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