The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1424

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1424 – Seeing Charlie at this time, the girl’s heart in her bones suddenly burst, and she ran all the way to Charlie, grabbed his arm, and said quietly, “Charlie, I am going back to Eastcliff today. Are you willing to leave? ……”

Charlie smiled and said: “You have to go home, and you have to go back to participate in the rehearsal of the Spring Festival Gala. People across the country are waiting to see your performance on the Spring Festival Gala.”

Stefanie mumbled dissatisfiedly: “Answer the question! What people want to ask is, you are not willing to go back!”

Charlie wanted to say that he was willing, but felt that after speaking out, Stefanie would definitely be anxious with herself.

However, he couldn’t say that he was reluctant, because he actually wanted Stefanie to go back quickly, otherwise she would only bring trouble and trouble to him if she continued to stay in Aurous Hill.

If Claire knew what happened to her and himself, he wouldn’t know how angry she would be.

So, he said vaguely: “Oh, anyway, you go back to work on your work, and I will visit your house in a few days, soon.”

“Okay, then.” Stefanie pouted, nodded lightly, and said: “I will not tell my father when I go back. I will give him a surprise when you go.”

Charlie said, “Okay, then don’t tell Uncle Orrin first.”

The crew was already checking before takeoff. Cherie also took Stefanie’s personal luggage and boarded the private jet first.

Stefanie stood outside the cabin door, faintly looking at the tall and handsome Charlie in front of her, and said, “Charlie, after I leave, you have to remember to miss me, do you know?”

Charlie nodded: “I know, I know, don’t worry, I will definitely miss you.”

Stefanie said again: “You must have a string in your mind at all times, and keep reminding yourself that I am your true fiancée, and the other women outside are all hurried travellers in your life, my dad. In this life, I have a daughter, and you have an uncle in my eyes. You can’t let him down.”

Charlie’s head was big for a while, but he could only say: “Oh, that…I know, oh, it’s getting late, you can get on the plane.”

Stefanie gave a hum, and reluctantly said, “Then I’m leaving…”

“Let’s go, good luck.”

Stefanie pursed her lips and looked at him, and immediately gathered courage, kissed him on the cheek, blushing and said, “This is a reward for you in advance.”

Charlie asked in surprise: “What are you rewarding me in advance?”

Stefanie said: “Reward you in advance, remember to miss me!”

After speaking, she blushed and turned back to her private jet.

At the moment the cabin door closed, she was still standing at the door and waving to Charlie.

The aircraft engine started and slowly pushed out from the hangar. Charlie breathed a sigh of relief. He hurried back to the parking lot and drove straight to the city center.

When he drove out, he immediately called Isaac Cameron, and he came up and said: “Isaac, can you help me see if there is a high-end skin care brand, and what kind of caviar is anti-aging?”

Isaac Cameron said: “There is indeed such a brand, and we sell it in Shangri-La. The world’s top high-end skin care brand is much stronger than the sea blue mystery.”

Charlie asked wonderingly: “Does Shangri-La still sell skin care products?”

Isaac Cameron smiled and said, “Master, you have never lived in Shangri-La. You may not have any understanding of Shangri-La’s hotel rooms. There is a large high-end shopping mall in Shangri-La’s hotel room department. What are the top brands such as Hermes, Chanel and Dior? The specialty stores have everything, which is also a popular way of playing in top hotels in the world. Accommodation, dining, leisure and entertainment, plus shopping, strive to provide high-end customers with a one-stop holiday, and even save the energy of going out shopping.”

Charlie suddenly realized, “That’s right, you can help me buy three sets of caviar anti-aging cosmetics, and someone will send me to Aurous Hill Stadium.”


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