The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 140

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 140 – Charlie Wade rejected Jasmine’s offer. “I’m sorry, Miss Moore, but my mood today had been ruined by those two irritating flies, so I won’t go back to the auction. Let’s keep a rain check on it.”

Jasmine said apologetically, “I’m so sorry, Mr. Wade.”

Then, she returned to her car to retrieve a wooden box and put it in Charlie Wade’s hand. “Mr. Wade, this is a little token of my affection as an apology…”

The moment the box was on Charlie Wade’s hands, he could sense traces of

Reiki from it, so he accepted it wholeheartedly.

Jasmine was very glad that Charlie Wade accepted her gift, so she continued, “Well, I’ll suspend today’s auction and ask Finn to regroup and observe his team of staff in the Treasure Pavilion. When he is ready, we’ll hold another auction sale, and I hope Mr. Wade and Mr. Wilson will be willing to join us then.”

Jacob Wilson was astounded since he stumbled upon the woman. She was Miss Moore who appeared at the Vintage Deluxe when he smashed the antique vase, wasn’t she?

She was so polite to his son-in-law. She was even willing to suspend the auction and rearrange everything just for him! That was such a huge honor, wasn’t it?

Was it because of the vase that he had restored the other day?

‘Oh my goodness, I have to see my son-in-law in a different view now,’

Jacob Wilson muttered under his breath.

Charlie Wade saw Jasmine’s sincerity in handling this matter, so he nodded and said flatly, “Okay then, when you reorganize the auction, we’ll join you.”

Jacob Wilson hurriedly agreed, “Yes, yes, definitely, we’ll be there.” “I’m glad to hear it. Again, I’m very sorry for what happened today.

Please drive safely.”

Jasmine bowed and apologized again before she bid her farewell and left. After Jasmine left, Jacob Wilson pointed to the wooden box in Charlie

Wade’s hands and said eagerly, “Charlie Wade, what did Miss Moore give

you? Open it!”

Charlie Wade nodded and slowly opened the wooden box.

Suddenly, a strong Reiki spilled out of the box that instantly rejuvenated him.

“Huh, what is it?” Jacob Wilson stretched his neck to take a curious glimpse and suddenly, his face was twisted in a confused grimace.

He saw a black thing in the box that was about the size of a fist. It looked like a piece of coal at first glance but it had a rough surface and some soil on top of it.

As soon as Charlie Wade saw what was in the wooden box, his heart skipped

a bit and was surprised at Jasmine’s generosity.

Jacob Wilson squinted at the black thing again and again. Finally, he huffed in disappointment, “I thought it is some sort of a precious treasure, but it is just a piece of wood.”

Charlie Wade smiled, “Dad, it is indeed a wood, but it’s not the ordinary wood, this is very rare.”

Jacob Wilson was even more confused. “What the h**l is it?” “This is a lightning-struck wood.”

“It’s formed by the trees when they are struck by lightning, right?” Jacob Wilson said, “But this kind of woods are very common in the mountains whenever there are thunderstorms, what makes this so precious?”

Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Dad, of course, it’s easy to find ordinary trees that being struck by lightning, but look at this wood, it has been charred into black onyx texture. Wood can only be instantaneously charred under extremely high temperature. It means that the lightning packed an extraordinarily huge amount of power, it was very likely to be the rare massive lightning in centuries.”

“Besides, this section of the wood is black and shiny with faint bloodline patterns, indicating that it is the core of the ‘Raja Kayu’, the king of wood, which makes it even rarer.”

Jacob Wilson tutted disdainfully and said, “I don’t buy it. How much can a lightning-struck wood cost anyway? It’s nothing but a gimmick. The most valuable thing is an antique cultural relic. If you say the wood was touched by Louis XIV of France, it might be worth some money.”

Charlie Wade simply smiled without saying anything. For him, this thing was of high value and extremely precious. Not only did it have ample Reiki, according to the Apocalyptic Book, but it could also even be refined.

But then, of course, Jacob Wilson wouldn’t understand any of it. Thus, Charlie Wade didn’t explain much to him and kept the box away.