The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1399

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1399 – After Stefanie and Claire added their WeChat friends, they looked at Charlie and said with a smile: “By the way, Master Wade, let’s add a friend too.”

After that, she handed her WeChat QR code to Charlie.

Charlie had to take out his mobile phone, scanned it, and added her as a friend.

Stefanie winked at him with a successful face, and then asked him sternly, “Master Wade, when will you be able to leave for Eastcliff? Can you tell me about the time so I can prepare.”

Charlie said: “Next week, but I still can’t decide the exact time.”

Stefanie nodded and smiled and said, “Master Wade, then my father and I will be waiting for you in Eastcliff!”

Charlie suddenly thought of what Stefanie had said before, saying that after arriving in Eastcliff and seeing his father, he watched his father not beat him up.

Hey, the more I think about it, the more shameless I am to see her father Orrin Sun.

Just when Charlie was having headaches for Sun’s father and daughter, in the intensive care unit of Aurous Hill First People’s Hospital, Nanako Ito and her assistant Koichi Tanaka, as well as Jiro Kobayashi of the Kobayashi family, stood motionless and stood by Nanako Ito. Both sides of the hospital bed of the coach and Kazuki Yamamoto.

Yamamoto Kazuki on the hospital bed looked extremely haggard.

The doctor had just performed a third full-body examination on him, and once again confirmed that his nervous system was severely injured and there was almost no possibility of recovery.

As for the b****y East Asian sick man on his forehead, 4 big characters. Still eye-catching.

Nanako Ito hopes that the doctor can use gauze to cover Kazuki Yamamoto’s forehead, so as not to further stimulate her teacher.

However, Yamamoto Kazuki firmly rejected the proposal.

The four ugly characters that Don Albert left on his forehead can be said to be the greatest shame in his life, but they are also the most profound lesson in his life.

Before Charlie defeated him with a palm, Yamamoto Kazuki still felt that he was a world-class martial arts master.

It wasn’t until Charlie’s palm that he realized that he was just a tiny ant on the way to martial arts.

But everyone who is dedicated to martial arts has a sense of integrity. Even if they lose, most people are willing to gamble and surrender. What’s more, even if they are missed to d***h in a competition, they can be calm before d***g. face.

Although Yamamoto Kazuki’s mind was not so broad, he was convinced at the bottom of his heart when he thought of Charlie’s terrifying strength.

At this time, Nanako Ito looked at him sadly, and said: “Master, I have communicated with my father. He will contact the best hospitals and doctors in Tokyo to help you treat and recover, and there will be a special plane to pick you up tomorrow. You go back to Japan!”


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