The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1394

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1394 – Being embarrassed, Stefanie looked at him with a dark face, and blurted out: “Isaac Cameron! Did you know that my Charlie is in Aurous Hill?”

“Ah? Uh…this…” Isaac Cameron suddenly didn’t know how to answer, he couldn’t tell why.

Stefanie bit her little white teeth and said angrily: “You guy is too unreliable. I have asked you about the whereabouts of Charlie so many times, and you haven’t had a word of truth!”

Isaac Cameron said embarrassingly: “Miss Sun, you really misunderstood me. I just learned not long ago that the young master was in Aurous Hill. I have been in Aurous Hill for so long on behalf of the Wade family. I have never heard of it before.”

Cherie asked in surprise: “What the h**l?! Stefanie, you said that Charlie, Mr. Wade, is the Charlie you’ve been looking for?”

Stefanie nodded, and said seriously: “That’s right! This bad guy made me find it hard to find him!”

Cherie said in surprise: “Oh! That’s great! You finally found him, wouldn’t you be able to get married soon? I remember you always said that as long as you find your Charlie brother, you will immediately Quit the entertainment industry, then marry him and have children.”

Stefanie’s face turned red immediately, and she said shyly: “I…I think…but…but that bad guy is married…”

“D**n!” Cherie immediately exploded and blurted out: “What the h**l is going on with this deflated calf surnamed Wade? Didn’t he know he had a marriage contract? Didn’t he know that he had a beautiful fiancee, Have you been looking for him? How dare you marry another woman, when he comes, you see, I won’t scold him! What a contemporary!”

Liam and Isaac Cameron looked at each other, their expressions were very embarrassing.

It was at this time that Liam learned about the relationship between Stefanie and Master Wade, and he was naturally shocked.


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