The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1390

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1390 – “However, in the next life, I am afraid that someone in the Wade family will be disadvantaged to you. After all, the old man is too old. If he takes you back to the Wade family and exposes you to the Wade family members, he may not be able to protect you comprehensively, so I made a private opinion. Settled you in Aurous Hill, and then completely concealed your information. When Orrin Sun from the Sun family came to see you, I did not let him know that you were here.”

Charlie asked again: “Then why did you find me back some time ago?”

Stephen Thompson said earnestly: “Master, let me tell you that the master’s health has been getting worse and worse in the past two years. However, he is quite dissatisfied with the status quo of the Wade family’s sons not seeking to make progress, and is not willing to hand over the Wade family to them. I told him that you are still alive. The master is naturally very excited. So I want to train you as an heir. The Emgrand Group and 10 billion are just practicing. In the future, when you are willing to go back, the Wade family’s trillions of wealth may be handed over. I’ll be responsible for you!”

Charlie said lightly: “I know about Steward Thompson, for so many years, I have hated you.”

Stephen Thompson said hurriedly, “Master, I am ashamed to be too shameful! Your father is so kind to me, not to say that this little thing is to make him feel bad, and he will never hesitate!”

Charlie said with emotion: “I am not interested in the assets of the Wade family, but when the time is right, I will definitely investigate the hidden circumstances of my parents who were k****d in the past. At that time, the liquidation should be liquidated, and the life should be paid.”

Stephen Thompson was very excited, and said with a trembling: “Master! With your words, you will d*e in the next! You are now the supreme of Aurous Hill, the true dragon on earth. I believe that with your strength, you can definitely be the Revenge of second son and the second wife!”

At this point, Stephen Thompson was already crying.

At that time, Stephen Thompson had not yet become a housekeeper in Wade’s house. He was an assistant to Charlie’s father. He was worried by friends because of his rich income. He deceived him to Macau and lost his fortune at the g******g table.

Stephen Thompson then degenerates into a bad gambler, borrowing loan sharks everywhere to go to Macau casinos in vain to make a comeback, and the result gets deeper and deeper.

In the end, Stephen Thompson not only lost everything, but was also chased by loan sharks. When he was desperate, he pressed his hands in the c****o, but he didn’t expect that his hands were also lost.

According to the rules of the arena of Macau, in the c****o, no matter what you lose, you must be willing to bet. And because of this, in the corner of the c****o near the c****o, I don’t know how many g******g ghosts live by begging.

But even so, these gamblers are still frugal, and want to save a little money and then enter the c****o to play, their lives have been completely abolished.

Stephen Thompson at that time almost fell to this point.

Later, it was Charlie’s father who threw tens of millions to redeem him from the c****o intact, and then forced him to take an oath to never bet.

In order to ensure that he completely quit g******g and landed ashore, Charlie’s father specially promoted him and made him his personal butler, bringing him by his side at all times, and would never allow him to touch any more g******g games.

Since then, Stephen Thompson has come to his senses and wholeheartedly assisted Charlie’s father. Not only did he do his best to help Charlie’s father, he also learned a lot of valuable management and development experience from Charlie’s father. He grew up in a few years. For the most capable servant of the Wade Family.

Then, he was appreciated by Charlie’s grandfather. The old man had the intention to make him the steward of the entire Wade family, but he didn’t agree with it, and in the end Charlie’s father forced him to agree to the job.

In the words of Charlie’s father, Stephen Thompson has reached his abilities, he should no longer be limited to being his own little personal butler, and should have a broader development space.

In his opinion, the housekeeper of the entire Wade family can be said to be the highest position that the upper class can give to outsiders. Stephen Thompson can sit in this position, and he can protect his glory and wealth in this life. He does not want Stephen Thompson to do it for himself. , Give up this godsend opportunity.

Although Stephen Thompson was no longer Charlie’s father’s personal butler, he became more and more loyal to Charlie’s father, and even regarded him as the object of his life looking up and assisting him.

It’s a pity that Charlie’s father left too early, which is also Stephen Thompson’s greatest guilt in this life.

He always felt that if he was still Charlie’s father’s personal butler, then maybe Charlie’s parents would not d*e.

Even if they can block a few shots for them in a critical moment, they can still have one more chance of survival…


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