The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1381

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1381 – Hearing Charlie’s affirmative reply, Stefanie’s mood only improved slightly.

She stopped the tears, carefully wiped away the remaining tears in the corners of her eyes with her fingers, and laughed at herself: “Hey, Charlie laughed. Actually, I haven’t cried for many years, but it turned out that my dad fell ill. Now, it’s as if I’m back when I was a child, and my tears flowed as soon as they talked.

Charlie smiled slightly and said comfortingly: “Don’t think so, people have seven emotions and six desires, can laugh and cry, can be happy and sad, there is nothing to be done.”

Stefanie nodded softly and asked: “Charlie, do you still cry now?”

Charlie smiled bitterly: “When I was 8 years old, there were too many tears, and it seemed to have shed tears for a lifetime.”

Stefanie clutched his arm with both hands, and said with red eyes: “Charlie, you have suffered for so many years…”

Charlie smiled indifferently: “People say that hardship is blessing. I didn’t believe it before, but I believed it later.”

Charlie felt that the biggest blessing in his life was not to be found by Stephen Thompson again, but to accidentally obtain the Apocalyptic Book.

If there is no Apocalyptic Book, even if you are Young Master Wade Family, you may not be able to possess the top strength of today.

And all the respect that I have won now is not based on the four words of Wade Family Master, but based on my own strength. This is very important!

Throughout the country, there are even more powerful families and the wealthy second-generation generations who have aloof status. However, among these rich second-generations, there are a few people who can rely on their own strength to win

Respect of everyone?

The son of a real estate developer packaged himself into an internet celebrity and a national husband. In those years when the economic situation was good, he made some investments and achieved good results, so he was regarded as an investment genius by the whole people.

However, when the economic situation took a turn for the worse, his company immediately went bankrupt and owed hundreds of millions or even billions of foreign debts, which once became the laughing stock of the whole people.

The reason is so. It is because of his original lack of strength, leaving the halo, he will immediately expose a lot of shortcomings.

However, now Charlie, even if he paid back all the 10 billion Dollar given to him by the Emgrand Group and the Wade Family, he is still the real Dragon Master who is respected by everyone.

Among other things, he can win tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of wealth with just a few rejuvenating pills, and make countless top families bow to himself.

And all of these are opportunities given to him by the Apocalyptic Book.

If you didn’t have the sufferings that you had in your childhood, how could you let yourself be a coincidence, in Jasmine’s Antique Shop, accidentally got the Apocalyptic Book?

Therefore, Charlie believes that G*d is fair.

Just like Mencius said, when the heavens will descend to the people of Sri Lanka, they must first suffer their minds, muscles, and skin.

At this time, Liam sent a WeChat message to Charlie, which read: “Master Wade, Miss Cherie and I have finished the contract. When do you think we will go to Shangri-La for dinner?”

Charlie replied: “You and Miss Cherie will wait a moment.”

Afterwards, he put away his cell phone and said to Stefanie, “Daisy, Liam and Ms. Cherie are basically finished. Let’s go to Shangri-La for dinner, but I have one more thing. I want to ask you for help.”

Stefanie hurriedly said, “Charlie, why are you so polite with me?”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “My wife is a fan of you and has always liked you very much. For dinner at night, I am going to call her together. Are you okay?”


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