The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1380

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1380 – Therefore, after hearing that Orrin was suffering from pancreatic c****r and his physical condition was deteriorating, he immediately made a decision to save his life!

So he immediately said to Stefanie: “Well, after we finish talking about cooperation, you will return to Eastcliff first, and in a few days I will quietly go to Eastcliff to meet Uncle Orrin. Then, I will have my own medicine that can cure it. His illness!”

Stefanie was dumbfounded and asked, “What medicine do you have that can cure this terminal illness? Doctors all over the world have told me that this terminal illness cannot be cured…”

Charlie said seriously: “It is not convenient for me to disclose this to you for the time being, but you can rest assured that since I have said it, I will definitely honor my promise!”

Charlie has a medicine in his hand.

The elixir he refined for the first time was able to cure high paraplegia, which is almost impossible to cure medically.

If you take one to Orrin Sun, there is a high probability that his pancreatic c****r can be cured.

Taking a step back, if his elixir can’t cure him, he still has rejuvenation pills to use.

At the beginning, I refined a batch of Rejuvenating Pills. I ate a few of them and gave them a few more. Now there are still a lot of them. This medicine can almost make the d**d trees come in spring and resurrect people who are d***g. It will definitely heal Orrin Sun.

Take a step back and say, that rejuvenating pill will not cure, and it doesn’t matter to him, he still has reiki!

Reiki is the purest and most supreme energy of all things in the world. Reiki does not yet exist in this world, which cannot cure diseases.

There was always a word, no matter what, Charlie couldn’t let Orrin Sun d*e like this.

Because he is not only the brother of his d**d father, his elders, but also the benefactor he should be grateful to!

However, Charlie didn’t plan to give the medicine to Stefanie directly, because the medicine he refined at the time caused a trouble, and was missed by Ichiro Kobayashi of Kobayashi P************l.

Dr. Simmons is still a master of Chinese studies and martial arts, so there is no need to worry about comfort, but Stefanie is an ordinary girl. She must not let her take this medicine by herself. It is safer to take it to Orrin Sun in a few days!

At this time, Stefanie still had some doubts about Charlie’s words.

After all, since her father fell ill, she has studied too many relevant documents and materials, knowing that this disease is indeed very pessimistic and does not exist in the world. There is a special medicine that can cure this disease.

However, Charlie was so eloquent that she still had some expectation in her heart.

Moreover, she believed that even if Charlie couldn’t cure his father, but he was willing to go to Eastcliff to meet his father, his father would be very happy to see him.

If you are seriously ill, and there is no way to treat it, it is the best comfort to make the patient happy!

So she asked tentatively: “Charlie, will you really come to Eastcliff to see my father in a few days?”

Charlie nodded firmly: “Definitely!”


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