The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1375

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1375 – Since Charlie came to Aurous Hill, he has only seen one person from his past for so many years, and this person is the steward of the Wade family, Stephen Thompson.

It was Stephen Thompson who suddenly appeared in front of him and gave himself the Emgrand Group and 10 billion in cash on behalf of the Wade Family.

However, after that, he never returned to Eastcliff.

It is very interesting. Although the Wade family gave money and the company, when they heard that they were not willing to go back, no Wade family had come to Aurous Hill to find him.

In this regard, Charlie was also very happy.

After all, he himself is very repulsive of the grievances between the rich and powerful, and he does not want himself and his wife Claire to be involved, so that he can live in Aurous Hill as stable as he is now, without being disturbed, than let him return to Eastcliff, It is much stronger to fight secretly with Wade family for trillions of wealth.

And now, he has met a second person from his past, the daughter of a deceased father’s good brother, and his so-called baby girlfriend, Daisy Sun.

Therefore, at this moment, Charlie couldn’t help feeling sighed. The memories of childhood came up deep in his mind, and it reminded him of his parents who had passed away.

Perhaps it was because of too much suffering in these years. When Charlie thought of his late father and mother, he was no longer so sad. He just sighed from the bottom of his heart that if he were not born in a rich family, his parents would not have died young, and he would not have experienced the ups and downs of life when he was eight years old.

If a family of three can live a life of ordinary people, then my childhood will definitely be much happier, right?

Seeing Charlie fell into silence, Stefanie hurriedly asked: “Charlie, why are you not talking? Do you really have no memory of me?”

Charlie came back to his senses at this time, smiled slightly bitterly, and said, “I remember you.”

“Really? Do you really remember me? Did you admit that you are Charlie?”

Charlie nodded and said: “I am Charlie, Charlie from the Wade Family in Eastcliff, I didn’t admit it earlier as I don’t want to expose this identity in front of others.”

Stefanie grabbed Charlie’s arm, clenched her hands tightly, and said with red eyes: “Charlie, my dad has been looking for you for so many years. Since Uncle Wade and Aunt Wade were buried in Eastcliff, my father has visited every year. He takes me to sweep their graves, and confess to your uncle and aunt every time. The confession that he failed to get you back…”

Charlie sighed, “What else is Uncle Sun looking for?”

Stefanie said with tears: “Dad said, “I’m afraid that you will be wandering out and suffer and suffer. I’m afraid you have some shortcomings. He can’t explain to Uncle Wade and Auntie…”

After speaking, Stefanie said again: “My dad has searched the whole country for so many years, but has not found your whereabouts. Back then, the Wade family has been keeping the whereabouts and circumstances of you, Uncle Wade and Aunt Wade highly confidential, even uncle and auntie. When they returned to Beijing for their b****l, my father didn’t know where they died or why they died…”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning: “You mean, the Wade family has been concealing this information?”

“That’s right.” Stefanie Sun nodded and said: “After you left Eastcliff with Uncle Wade and Aunt Wade, all your whereabouts and whereabouts were erased by the Wade family. My father had been investigating and taking Without finding any clues, he was so angry that he yelled at home several times, saying that the Wade family simply followed your family to eliminate all footprints, messages, and even the smell in the air…”

As she said, Stefanie cried, and said: “My dad always wanted to find you after he learned that Uncle and Aunt Wade had passed away, but all the household registration files of Charlie in the country were in disorder. Your identity information cannot be found in the household registration system at all, and you have no idea where you have been for so many years…”

Charlie said indifferently: “I have been in Aurous Hill for so many years.”

“Ah?!” Stefanie blurted out in exclamation: “Charlie, you… have you been in Aurous Hill?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded, seeing her expression so surprised, frowned and asked: “I have been in Aurous Hill, is it strange to you?”


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