The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1369

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1369 – In order to endorse Oracle Nova Dias, Stefanie Sun took her assistant and bodyguard to Aurous Hill by plane.

Since Sun’s family is the third largest family in Eastcliff, the overall strength is very strong, so Stefanie Sun has always taken her own private jet when she goes out.

On the one hand, it is easy and convenient, and the more important aspect is privacy.

A big star like her will cause a huge sensation no matter whether it appears in any city in the country.

If you want to keep a low profile, you must avoid the eyes and ears of the media paparazzi and fans.

So taking a private jet became her first choice when going out.

After the plane arrived in Aurous Hill, Liam personally went to greet him and took Stefanie Sun and his party to Oracle P************l.

Originally, Liam planned to arrange for them to stay at the Shangri-La Hotel, take a break, and talk about work tomorrow.

However, Stefanie Sun insisted on going directly to the p************l factory of Oracle P************l.

This is the first time that Stefanie Sun has endorsed d***s. She herself takes this seriously and is also very cautious.

Therefore, her first thought was to visit the production workshop of this p************l company to see if it was a sufficiently formal company.

When Charlie went to Oracle P************l, Stefanie Sun had already started to inspect the production line of Oracle P************l under the leadership of Liam.

The predecessor of Oracle P************l is Weaver’s Pharmaceuticals, which is a large-scale p************l company with a market value of several billions. Both the production line and the production process have reached the domestic first-class standards.

Coupled with the medicinal effects of Nova Dias, Stefanie Sun had experienced it personally, so there was nothing to worry about.

Therefore, she should have made up her mind and was willing to be the image spokesperson for Nova Dias.

At this time, the discomfort caused by her spleen and stomach disorders has become more and more intense, and seeing the production line next to her, packs of Oracle Nova Dias were quickly packaged, so she asked Liam: “Mr. Weaver, Can you give me some Oracle Nova Dias first? My spleen and stomach have not been very good for a while. After taking a pack of Oracle Nova Dias, it has changed significantly, but the effect of the medicine has passed, so… ….”

Liam said earnestly: “Miss Sun, let’s not tell you that our boss has strict requirements. Before Niranex is officially listed, we must strictly supervise and control it. So I can’t do this. Or wait for him to come and see what he means.”

Cherie said dissatisfied: “I said your boss is too picky, right? Just a few packets of medicine. Is it necessary to be so petty?”

Liam hurriedly explained: “Ms. Cherie, you are misunderstood. Our boss is not picking, but cautious. Before our d***s are officially launched, we must strictly guard against any leakage of confidential d***s. Now, Japan, South Korea and Asia Other p************l companies have been imitating and plagiarizing ancient Chinese prescriptions, which invisibly brought great losses to Chinese medicine.”


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