The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1330

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1330 – Aurora smiled and said, “Master Wade, please trust my technology and skill!”

Charlie nodded, stepped onto the speedboat and sat beside Aurora.

At this time, Aurora pressed the start button, and the four side-by-side v8 marine engines rang out loudly. The low idling sound was much more powerful than the feeling of a supercar.

Aurora slowly drove the speedboat out of the dock, and then smiled mischievously at Charlie, and said, “Master Wade, sit down!”

After that, I suddenly increased the accelerator to the end!

The entire speedboat quickly burst out with great power and rushed forward.

Although Charlie had prepared, he was still shocked by the huge power of this speedboat.

The lake is very wide, so you don’t have to pay attention to the road conditions like driving a speedboat on land.

On the surface of the lake, it was okay to close your eyes and open it. The entire surface of the lake suddenly became Aurora’s reckless venue.

Her character is a combination of rigidity and softness. The character of the little pepper is destined to prefer this kind of intense extreme sports.

But what Aurora didn’t expect was that Charlie had an extremely calm expression from start to finish, which made her feel a little disappointed.

The reason why she invited Charlie to take the boat was to see Charlie’s nervousness. After all, everyone who had been on their own boat was not nervous and afraid.

She felt that even if Charlie was not afraid, at least he would show tension on his face, so that he could have a little prank success mentality.

However, Charlie really did not change at all.

Even if he had already exerted the power of this ship to its extreme, making this ship seem to be flying close to the surface of the water, Charlie by his side still looked indifferent.

In fact, Charlie felt a little nervous in his heart.

It’s just that he felt that he definitely couldn’t express this tension in front of Aurora, otherwise, wouldn’t he be pinched by this little girl?

Aurora continued to accelerate, and finally accelerated to the point when she felt a little guilty in her own heart. She finally gave up trying and gradually slowed down the speed of the boat, stopping the boat in the middle of the lake, and said to Charlie with her mouth pouting. Master, don’t you usually be nervous and afraid?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Sometimes I get nervous, but I never fear.”

Aurora hurriedly asked: “Then Master Wade, under what circumstances are you nervous? Can you give me a few specific examples? Come on! I really want to know, what can I do? Master Wade, you are nervous…”

Charlie thought for a while and smiled: “Miss Moore, she gave me a check for 100 million Dollar. Do you know this?”

“I know!” Aurora said with a smile, “Did it mean that Sister Jasmine honored you that check when you gave medicine to all of us at Don Albert’s Heaven Springs?”

Charlie nodded.

Aurora hurriedly asked, “Master Wade, you shouldn’t put a hundred million Dollar in your eyes. Why are you still nervous about this check?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I put this one hundred million check into my pocket and treated it as any other one hundred million check and gave it to my mother-in-law.”

Aurora asked incomprehensibly: “Then why are you nervous? Anyway, one hundred million is nothing to you.”

Charlie smiled indifferently, and said: “I don’t feel sorry for losing that one hundred million check, but if it falls into the hands of my mother-in-law, I will feel distressed and unable to sleep for a month.”


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