The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1324

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1324 – Charlie smiled and said: “You haven’t started fighting yet, how do you know that you can’t beat her, I think you can definitely defeat this Joanna.”

Aurora said with some shame: “Master Wade, My strength, I know very well, this Joanna is very strong, she is a leader among young Brazilian female Sanda players, and her strength is indeed much stronger than me, there is no chance…”

Charlie smiled slightly in her ear: “Don’t forget the magic medicine I gave you last time. Although your current physical fitness is very good, there is still a big gap between it and the real master. However, if If you take that magic d**g, your physical strength, reaction speed, will be greatly improved, then, I believe your strength will also improve a lot, defeat that Brazilian Joanna, absolutely not Come on!”

Aurora remembered the magic medicine that Charlie had given herself before.

At that time, I was looking for Master Wade for his father to ask for medicine. Originally I only wanted one medicine and I was satisfied, but I didn’t expect Master Wade to give me two medicines, so my father gave him another magic medicine.

But that magical medicine has been properly kept by myself, and I have never thought of eating it.

This was mainly because I didn’t know that this magical medicine could also strengthen the body. At that time, I only thought that this magical medicine was the healing medicine after injury, so I kept it in a safe place for emergency.

So Aurora looked at Charlie and asked in surprise: “Master Wade, can that magic medicine still improve personal strength?”

“Of course.” Charlie nodded and said: “It can improve your physical fitness in many ways. Although your physical fitness is already very strong, to be honest, compared with the colored people in Latin America, it is indeed still There are gaps, genetic gaps, and sometimes it is difficult to break through. It seems that black people are always good at sprinting. That’s because black people are more explosive than other people.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “However, if you take the magic medicine I gave you, you can fundamentally improve your physical function, and even make your body function surpass those people.”

Aurora hurriedly asked: “Master Wade, if I take it, can the magic d**g you give pass the doping test? The doping test for sports games is very strict. If you are found to have taken a doping d**g, you will be Disqualified or even banned permanently…”

Charlie smiled and said: “Don’t worry, my magic medicine relies on wonderful prescriptions and pure medicinal power, and has nothing to do with chemically purified stimulants. There will never be any problems.”

Aurora said excitedly: “Then I will take that magic medicine when I go back today!”

Charlie nodded: “I will come back when you play the next afternoon.”


Aurora was extremely excited and cheered happily.

Mr. Quinton on the side hurriedly said respectfully: “Master Wade, it’s almost noon now, or else I would like to invite you to enjoy the noodles at noon and have a home-cooked meal at the next home?”

Charlie wanted to decline, but she thought that if Aurora was going to take the medicine in the afternoon, she could pay close attention to her and at the same time help her guide the absorption of medicine.

Besides, Claire recently worked overtime at the company at noon, and generally did not go home to eat. The old man was also busy with the elderly college where Matilda was studying, so he would definitely not go back at noon.

Elaine, mother-in-law, is alone at home, and there is no need to go back and cook for her.

So he nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then I will go over and make some noise. By the way, I will be at your house this afternoon to help Aurora a****b the medicine.”

Mr. Quinton and Aurora’s father and daughter raised their eyebrows with joy when they saw Charlie promised to eat at home.

Charlie has never been a guest at their home, so the two of them are looking forward to it, and hope that they can get closer with Charlie this time.

Especially Little Pepper Aurora, she has been obsessed with Charlie for a day or two. She has always wanted to find a chance to develop with Charlie. Today’s opportunity is really good.


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