The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1323

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1323 – When Blanks punched at Charlie, he was full of disdain for Charlie.

He used full strength with this punch, and he also believed that his punch would be able to directly defeat Charlie in front of everyone.

I have to say that Blanks does have some strength.

After all, he has won the national Sanda championship, and the average person is really not his opponent.

His punch was quick and hard, and even Aurora, who had also practiced Sanda for many years, did not respond, let alone Mr. Quinton and Steven Quinton.

However, the speed at which Blanks is proud of, in Charlie’s eyes, is like slow motion, without threat.

Moreover, he really didn’t have much strength in this punch in his opinion.

Even if he stood still and sturdy enough to give him a punch, he couldn’t hurt himself with that punch.

However, even if there is no threat to him, Charlie is absolutely impossible for this kind of d*ck to hit him.

Therefore, when Blanks was about to hit his face with a punch, he suddenly raised his fist to meet the opponent’s fist and smashed it.

Charlie’s punch was as fast as a cannonball out of the chamber, and Blanks couldn’t react to it at all.

Just when Blanks thought he could KO Charlie with a single blow, he suddenly felt that his right fist was hit by an iron punch, and with a thud, there was severe pain and the sound of broken bones.

In front of Charlie’s fist, his fist was not even squeezed, and after a crit, the entire fist was completely destroyed.

Blanks held the shattered right fist, cried out in pain, and looked at Charlie with an incredulous expression on his face.

He couldn’t understand how this young man could have such a terrifying, even somewhat abnormal strength.

One punch can burst out such a strong strength, which is far beyond the scope of his own recognition.

Charlie looked at him at this time, and said in a disdainful voice: “You are at a level like you, and you are far from coaching a world champion. With this kind of hard work everywhere, it’s better to practice your business skills. To avoid being embarrassing.

Although Blanks was full of resentment towards Charlie in his heart, he did not dare to disobey Charlie any more and could only flee the scene in a desperate manner.

At this time, Aurora smiled and said to Charlie: “Master Wade, you are now my coach. When are you going to guide me to practice?”

Charlie smiled and asked her: “When is your next game?”

Aurora hurriedly said, “The next game is the afternoon of the day after tomorrow.”

Charlie asked again: “Who will you play in the next game?”

Aurora thought for a while, and said nervously: “I am a qualifying player in Group 5. I have to play against the qualifying players in Group 6 in accordance with the regulations. The No. 3 seeded player in this game is in Group 6, so I must be It’s going to be the next game with her!”

Charlie asked: “Who is the No. 3 seed player?”

Aurora said hurriedly: “The No. 3 seeded player is Joanna from Brazil…Oh my g*d, I definitely can’t beat her…”


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