The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1319

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1319 – With Aurora’s victory, this little pepper also officially entered the quarter-finals of this international college student Sanda competition.

This is Aurora’s best result in an international college student Sanda competition.

When the competition was held in Canada last year, she made a special trip to compete, but that time she failed to qualify for the group, and the final overall ranking was 30th.

So this time, Aurora has achieved an unprecedented breakthrough.

After the referee announced the victory, she shook hands with the Thai player and the two girls hugged each other.

Immediately, Aurora turned around and ran to Charlie quickly. When she came to Charlie, she happily jumped up and jumped directly onto him.

“Master Wade, thank you so much!”

Aurora hugged his neck and hugged him like a baby koala, happier than ever.

Aurora’s hug caught Charlie by surprise, but he could also feel the excitement and joy in Aurora’s heart.

So Charlie was unwilling to sweep her heart, so he hugged her and turned around twice, and said with a smile: “You just entered the quarter-finals, and I am so happy. If you win the championship, will you not be excited?”

Aurora hugged Charlie’s neck and blushed and said: “I have never expected to win the championship. I am already very happy to be able to advance to the top 8.”

Charlie smiled and said: “I remember you didn’t say that before, but you said before that you were sure to get a good ranking.”

Aurora said embarrassedly: “People are afraid that you will dislike me, Master Wade, so I deliberately boasted. Actually, I never thought about getting a medal…”

“Okay…” Charlie nodded and smiled: “Okay, don’t hold on me, everyone is watching, your father and your brother are watching too.”

Aurora realized that she was still hanging on Charlie’s body.

At this time, Charlie was also a little contemplative, after all, Aurora’s figure was really too good.

Moreover, her skin is as smooth as jade!

More importantly, she now only wears a sports bra and flat-angle sports shorts, so holding herself in this way, the touch is very clear.

Aurora’s shy smile blushed, and hurriedly jumped off him.

At this time, Mr. Quinton, who was not far away, was looking at his precious daughter with a smile on his face.

He had long expected his daughter to make some substantial progress with Master Charlie.

Today, it seems that his daughter and Master Wade have finally made some substantial progress, which is really gratifying, and he feels more gratified than his daughter won the game.

Charlie said to Aurora at this time: “Don’t forget to say hello to your father and your younger brother, let’s go over.”

Aurora just remembered that she patronized Charlie to celebrate, but she forgot that her father and her younger brother were in the stands.

This made her feel even more embarrassed in her heart. She thought to herself: “It was really shameful just now. There was only Master Wade in her eyes. It is a sin to forget her father and younger brother!”

So, she hurriedly came to Mr. Quinton and Steven Quinton with Charlie, blushing and said, “Dad, Steven, did you see what I did just now?”


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