The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1314

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1314 – Charlie can see that this Thai female boxer is quick to punch and her body is very flexible, and her height is almost ten centimeters shorter than Aurora, and her body is short overall, so her bottom plate is more stable.

Moreover, the Thai female player has a very clever style of play. She knows that her advantage is in the bottom game and Aurora’s advantage is in the top game, so she frequently attacks from the bottom game.

As the opponent came up and quickly launched an a****k, Aurora could only focus on blocking, so the whole fight was a little embarrassing.

In the first round, the opponent had significantly more effective hits than Aurora, so after one round, the opponent was ahead of Aurora in points.

During a short break, Aurora’s coach hurriedly gave Aurora tactical guidance in Aurora’s ear.

After a short break of a few minutes, the game immediately entered the second round.

At the beginning of the second round, Aurora changed her strategy and took the initiative to a****k the opponent, but her main tactic was to break the opponent’s bottom set, and the opponent continued to break her bottom set.

But Aurora was obviously not as solid as the opponent in the next game, and because her figure was relatively thin and tall, the next game itself was not stable, so it was obviously not dominant in this kind of confrontation.

Soon after the second round, Aurora still lags behind the opponent in points, and the gap is getting bigger and bigger.

Steven Quinton couldn’t sit still at this moment. He whispered: “The Thai player always beats my sister’s side. If my sister can’t break through the opponent’s advantage, then it is very likely that the game will be lost.”

Charlie smiled: “Steven Quinton, it seems that you are quite discerning.”

Steven Quinton said embarrassedly, “It was Aurora’s classmate who got the axe. Please forgive me, Master Wade.”

Charlie nodded slightly and glanced at the Thai female player.

He found that this female player, although the bottom plate is more stable and the speed of her legs is faster, but the faster her tactics, the less defensive her tactical moves. Every time she takes her legs, while attacking the opponent, she also She exposed her weaknesses. Every time she tried to a****k from the bottom plate, she deliberately pressed her leg very low, trying to directly a****k Aurora’s calf and ankle. This method of getting out of the leg was fierce, as long as she hit with all her strength. For a moment, I am afraid that Aurora will find it difficult to stand normally in this game, and it will be equivalent to losing the game at night.

However, it was precisely because she pressed her legs very low that a f***l flaw was revealed. It was the front of her own leg bones and knees. Although Aurora was not stable in her footing, she was better than her height and long legs. When the opponent lowers her leg, the opponent hits the front of the opponent’s leg bones and the front of the knee in one step. It is very likely that the opponent’s entire bottom plate a****k will be destroyed in one move.

So Charlie stood up and walked to the side of the ring, Aurora’s resting place.

At this time Aurora was sitting in a small chair for rest, and her coach said to her: “Now you are hitting your back game. This is your disadvantage, but if you want to get it back, you can beat her back. It’s her last game. Once you have the upper hand in the upper game, the opponent’s advantage in the next game won’t be played out. If you play hard, we can still get the score back in the next three games!”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning.

If you feel that the opponent’s disadvantage is on the upper plate, you have to launch an offensive against the opponent’s upper plate first. This idea is too simple for your opponent to think of.

It’s like a police officer catching a gunman, knowing that his biggest target is the abdomen, so he will wear his body armor in advance.

On the surface, the disadvantage of this Thai player is the hanging game, but she hides the m*******s intention in the second game. Even if Aurora can take advantage of the hanging game, but it is difficult to hit the other side in the hanging game, but once the opponent is in her After successfully hitting the calf and ankle once, Aurora’s whole person may fall into absolute badness, and thus will have no strength to fight back in the subsequent matches!

So Charlie walked up to Aurora and said to Aurora, “Aurora, don’t hit the opponent’s top game. Instead, focus on the opponent’s bottom game. While avoiding the opponent’s a****k, look for opportunities and use your height and legs. Long advantage, a****k directly above her right calf and knee, her bottom plate is fast and strong, so you must break her bottom plate to win the final victory!”


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