The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1308

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1308 – Charlie heard this and said: “Then we also sell 150 Dollar a box, with the same price, several times the efficacy of the medicine, directly squeezing the same type of competing products in Japan and South Korea!”

Liam hurriedly said, “No problem, Master Wade, then I will supply the dealer for 150 Dollar a box.”

“Okay!” Charlie said: “You try to produce at full capacity, and don’t worry about the sales of this d**g. We are now not only covering domestic users, but also covering countries such as Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. To compete with them in their homeland, and to compete with them in their homeland, since we want to grab their market, we must prepare enough ammunition.”

“I understand Master Wade!”

Liam was so excited, he blurted out: “Japanese and Korean Chinese herbal medicines have suppressed us for so many years, and now we can finally fight back!”

After speaking, Liam asked again: “By the way, Master Wade, for our Oracle Stomach Powder, should we make some TV commercials? It’s best to ask a celebrity to endorse or something. Now everyone in this society is engaged in publicity, and the fragrance of wine is also afraid of alleys.”

Charlie smiled and said: “Yes, then you find the most popular celebrity, and you must be the kind of decent star who is out of silt but not stained, because the entertainment industry is too messy, those with dark history, Gossip, don’t!”

Liam said: “Good Master Wade, I have a very suitable candidate in my heart. I wonder what you think of Master Wade?”

Charlie asked: “Oh? Come and listen.”

Liam hurriedly said: “Now there is a female star named Stefanie Sun who is very popular in film and television songs. She just picked up a Hollywood movie some time ago. Now she is very popular, and this person seems to be from a famous family, so there is nothing at all. Gossip is the object of worship by countless boys and girls.”

Charlie nodded and said: “I don’t know about the entertainment industry, and I don’t follow stars, so it’s up to you to decide. If you think this person is suitable, then you can contact this person’s agency to discuss the price. If it’s appropriate, just sign a contract with her and let her start advertising.”

“Good Master Wade!”

After hanging up Liam’s phone, Charlie picked some fresh vegetables and prepared to go home to make breakfast for his wife Claire.

It just so happened that Claire had also gotten up and walked downstairs.

Charlie thought of the phone call just now and asked her curiously: “My wife, have you heard of Stefanie Sun?”

Claire immediately said excitedly: “Stefanie Sun? Don’t you even know Stefanie Sun? She is now the most popular female star.”

Charlie shook his head: “I don’t chase stars, so I don’t understand this.”

Claire hurriedly said: “I’m telling you, Stefanie Sun is my idol, not only my idol, but also a national idol. She plays very well in movies and TV series, and she sings very well! I heard that she will come to us some time later. When Aurous Hill is holding a concert, I have been paying attention to the ticketing website, just waiting to get the tickets when they are issued.”

Charlie smiled and said, “I’m your husband, I don’t even know that this person is your idol!”

Claire said: “You never asked me. Besides, I don’t like to talk about many things. To like someone is to like it in my heart. I don’t want to talk about it every day like other people. I kept talking.”

Charlie nodded lightly, thinking, if Oracle P************l really reached a cooperation with this Stefanie Sun, it might be able to satisfy his wife’s desire to chase stars.


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