The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1307

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1307 – Early in the morning after Isabella’s wedding, Charlie received a call from Liam while he was watering the crops in his vegetable garden.

On the phone, Liam told him that the stomach powder he produced according to the prescription given by Charlie had passed the relevant license of the d**g regulatory department and was ready to go on sale.

This prescription derived from the Apocalyptic Book has a strong relieving effect on common people’s stomach upset symptoms.

If you have chronic stomach problems, you can get a good improvement and conditioning by taking this stomach powder.

Stomach acid, bloating and stomach pain, or stomach discomfort caused by drinking, cold, fatigue, etc., taking this can get immediate results.

This medicine was first invented by a famous doctor in ancient China, but the development of Chinese medicine in China has been relatively slow in recent decades. Medicines like it are instead mainly products produced by Japanese and Korean p************l companies.

For example, Japan has the famous two Kobayashi Stomach Powders.

Both types of stomach powder are in powder form and are packed in sachets. If you encounter stomach upset, you can take a packet with warm water immediately for good results.

Kobayashi P************l’s powder has been rated daily as a daily medicine by ordinary people in Japan and many countries.

This shows how big the sales and profit margins are behind him.

The stomach powder produced according to the prescriptions in the “Apocalyptic Book” is about eight to ten times as effective as Kobayashi’s stomach powder. The effect is very significant, and it has a good advantage that there are basically no side effects. , And the stomach powder produced by the prescription has a strong and fresh medicinal fragrance, which gives people very good senses.

This Nova Dias, named by Charlie, will be the first brand new medicine produced since Oracle P************l changed its name.

Liam said on the phone: “Master Wade, the effect of this stomach powder is really amazing. We have found many volunteers with stomach problems and tried this medicine. They all gave very, very high evaluations. It is stronger than the stomach powder in Japan and South Korea, many times more. Now these volunteers very much hope that this medicine can be launched as soon as possible!”

Charlie gave a satisfied hum, and asked him, “Then when will you be officially listed and sold in bulk?”

Liam said: “We have now produced more than 50 tons, and now that the approval has been down, we can directly package and sell.”

Charlie asked curiously: “If more than 50 tons of the original medicine, how many copies can be packaged?”

Liam said: “We plan to use the same specifications as those in Japan. We use 1.3 grams per pack and 48 packets per box. In this case, the net content of the original d**g in each box is 62.4 grams, which can be packaged in total. 800,000 boxes.”

Charlie asked again: “What about the selling price, what is the selling price for the Japanese?”

Liam said: “Kobayashi’s is about 150 Dollar a box, our Oracle Nova Dias, the efficiency is several times theirs, I think we have to sell at least four to five hundred Dollar a box. reasonable.”

Charlie asked him: “How much is our cost for a box?”

Liam said: “Most of them are some proprietary Chinese medicinal materials. The cost is actually very low. We are very conscientious. The cost is about 20 Dollar per box, so I guess. The cost of Kobayashi’s is also It’s about ten dollars.”


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