The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1304

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1304 – Steve took Isabella’s hand and walked onto the stage.

The master of ceremonies followed the usual process and said some compliments, and then he went to the part of the marriage vow.

Steve and Isabella really love each other, so they are finally able to hold a wedding, naturally they are deeply moved.

Therefore, the two clasped their fingers on the stage, and both left tears of excitement.

Steve’s mood is more complicated, because he has just experienced the divorce of his parents and witnessed his father’s second marriage with his own eyes, and his heart is mixed.

After the bride and groom completed the exchange of rings, the emcee smiled and said: “Next, let us invite the parents of the bridegroom Steve, who is the couple who just had the wedding just now, and invite them to come on stage!”

David Carson and Skye, who had just stepped down, could only bite the bullet and step on stage as the groom’s father and mother.

The grandchildren at the scene had extremely ugly expressions, but Don Albert brought a large number of younger brothers to applaud, and even a younger brother shouted, “Hey, this bride is about the same size as the future mother-in-law! Hey! The emcee is affected and ask, it is the bride who is older A little bit, or is the future mother-in-law of the bride a little older?”

As soon as these words came out, Don Albert’s brothers burst into laughter.

Skye has just returned from abroad this year and hasn’t started work yet. Isabella and Claire are almost the same. They have both been working for two years. So in age, Isabella is actually a bit older than Skye.

Therefore, the scene suddenly became more embarrassing.

The secretary’s appearance was also dumbfounding, so naturally he couldn’t really ask such a question, otherwise he wouldn’t have to do his job of emcee if he went out.

So, he hurried to the next session on the spot, greeted the staff to put on the chairs again, put the tea cups, and asked Steve and Isabella to offer tea to their parents.

When Isabella offered Skye tea and called Skye’s mother, Skye cried again.

What the h**l is this? Suddenly marrying a bad old man, he suddenly added a son and daughter-in-law.

The point is that this son and daughter-in-law are older than themselves.

After Steve and Isabella changed their mouths to the newlyweds David Carson and Skye, the emcee finally breathed a sigh of relief and announced that this wonderful wedding was officially over.

Immediately after the wedding, the bride and groom toast the guests. .

Skye wanted to give up the toast, but because she was afraid that Charlie would be dissatisfied, she could only come to the table where Charlie and Claire were with David Carson, carrying a glass.

David Carson looked at Charlie tremblingly, and said nervously, “Master Wade, thank you for coming to my wedding with Skye. We both toast you!”

Charlie said lightly: “David Carson, after marrying such a good wife, you must treat her well in the future, and treat the child in her stomach well, have you heard?”

David Carson’s face blushed, and he nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I will treat Skye and the child in her stomach well.”

Charlie said with satisfaction: “This is just the truth. Don’t have any opinions about the future young son’s skin color. You must treat him as your own.”

David Carson could only nod his head and said, “Master Wade can rest assured, I will definitely…”


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