The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1298

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1298 – Leann choked and said, “Comrade, our marriage certificate is at home. Can you get the divorce certificate done for us first? After that, we can bring our marriage certificate over here later.”

The staff member said, “This is not in line with the common procedure. Both of you should go back and get your marriage certificate first.”

David hurriedly replied, “No, it would be too late by then, comrade. We have to get divorced before noon.”

The staff member tried to persuade them, “Even if both of you do not have any feelings for each other anymore, you do not have to get divorced at this moment now, right? Even if you cannot get divorced right now, you can still come back and get divorced later in the afternoon!”

At this time, Don Albert cut in, “Miss, both of them have already been married for many years and have already lost their marriage certificate a long time ago. Therefore, can you proceed accordingly then?”

After he was done speaking, he pointed at David before he told the staff, “Moreover, this old man has to get divorced right now because he has to get a marriage certificate with someone else. The wedding banquet has already been set up at the hotel and we are just waiting for him to start the wedding. There cannot be any delays.”

The staff looked at David in astonishment, and the look of contempt on her face was beyond words.

Needless to say, she knew that David had to be a nasty old man who was planning to desert and abandon his own wife.

It was no wonder why he seemed so anxious to divorce his wife. It turned out he was going to hold a wedding banquet to marry someone else later at noon.

This man was truly a scum amongst all scums.

Thus, she looked at Don Albert before saying, “Then, according to the procedures, I will have to ask them to write a statement each to say that they have already lost their marriage certificate. They each have to write and sign their own copy.”

Don Albert nodded slightly before he looked at David and Leann and said, “I want the both of you to come here and write a statement on the paper that your marriage certificate is already lost according to the requirements of the staff.”

Both of them did not even dare to delay a single second. They hurriedly took the pen and paper in their hands before they began writing a statement on the paper.

The content of the statement was very simple. It was basically something like this—I am X*X, driving license number, and my marriage certificate with X*X has been displaced.

After writing out the declaration, both of them signed and affixed their respective declaratory statements. After that, they handed it over to the staff.

After checking that everything was correct, the staff nodded before she said, “Since both of you have already declared that your marriage certificate is lost, I will proceed with your divorce certificate now.”

After she was done speaking, she helped them dissolve their marriage from the system before typing out their divorce certificate for them.

Leann collapsed to the ground and cried bitterly as soon as she obtained the divorce certificate.

From this moment onward, she would have completely severed her husband-and-wife relationship with David. She had worked so hard for this family throughout her whole life.

Unexpectedly, she would be met with this kind of fate in the end.

Moreover, her divorce from David was only just the beginning. After this, she would have to leave Aurous Hill and never return to this place again.

She had initially been living a very blissful and happy life, but she had destroyed everything with her own two hands.

She felt very regretful deep in her heart, and she truly felt like hitting herself to d***h.

At this time, Don Albert could not help but feel a little annoyed when he saw Leann sitting on the ground and crying bitterly.

Thus, he told Caesar who was next to him, “Hurry up and get someone to drive a car and send this shrewd woman out of Aurous Hill. If she dares to take a single step back into Aurous Hill again in the future, just break her legs before throwing her out of Aurous Hill again!”

Caesar nodded immediately before he said respectfully, “Don Albert, don’t worry. I will throw this woman out of Aurous Hill myself!”


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