The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1297

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1297 – When he saw that Don Albert was about to bring this group of people over to the Civil Affairs Bureau, Isaac asked Charlie, “Master Wade, should I tag along and keep an eye on the situation?”

Charlie waved his hand and said faintly, “You don’t have to go there. You can just wait here to attend the wedding banquet with me.”

Claire had been standing next to him without speaking throughout this entire time. When she saw that everyone had already been taken away, she could not help but ask, “Charlie, we are actually here to attend Isabella and Steve’s wedding banquet. Don’t you think that the situation with his father seems to be a little inappropriate?”

Charlie smiled before he asked her, “Wife, what do you think is appropriate, then? If I do not make sure that Leann is kicked out of the Carson family today and if we do not teach the Carson family a lesson, do you think that your high school classmate will ever be able to enjoy a good and happy life in the future after marrying into the Carson family?”

Claire was silent for a moment before she nodded gently.

She knew that Charlie was right. If they did not solve the fundamental problem at hand, then based on Leann’s personality and character, Isabella would definitely suffer a hard time in the future.

At that time, she would not be able to help Isabella anymore. So, it would be better for her to allow Charlie to solve this problem once and for all.

At this point, she could not help but sigh as she said, “I just can’t help but wonder if Steve will end up hating us instead.”

Charlie replied lightly, “I’ve helped him so much today. If he truly decides to hate me in the end, he is completely hopeless, then.”

After that, Charlie smiled before he beckoned her, “Okay, why don’t we go into the banquet hall and wait first? When they are done with all those trivial matters, it would be about time to start the wedding banquet.”

At the Aurous Hill Civil Affairs Bureau.

The seven people looked extremely awkward and embarrassed at this time. The group of people entered the Civil Affairs Bureau under Don Albert’s leadership.

These seven people were the young couple, Steve and Isabella who were supposed to get married today, and there was also the bridegroom-to-be, David, and his current wife, Leann.

In addition to these four people, David’s bride-to-be, Skye, who was about to register her marriage with him, was also here with her parents.

After Don Albert brought them into the Civil Affairs Bureau, the staff at the Civil Affairs Bureau hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Hello, may I know what business you want to get done here today?”

Don Albert glanced at everyone before he asked, “Which one of you wants to go first?”

Steve replied awkwardly, “Then, Isabella and I will register our marriage first.”

“Okay.” Don Albert nodded before he told the staff, “Please help them to get their marriage certificate.”

The staff nodded before she looked at the relevant documentation for both of them. After that, she immediately registered their marriage in the system.

Since both of them did not prepare the photo for their marriage registration certificate, the staff took a wedding photo with a red background for them directly on the spot.

After that, a bright red marriage certificate was produced.

After receiving the marriage certificate, the couple could finally heave a huge sigh of relief. No matter what kind of farce they were going to face next, at the very least, both of them would already be a legally married couple.

After the staff handed the marriage certificate over to the both of them, she asked, “What kind of business are the rest of you here for?”

Don Albert pointed at David and Leann before he said coldly, “The both of you, come here and get your divorce certificate now.”

Both David and Leann had a very gloomy expression on their faces at this time. They were both clearly struggling and feeling very confused at this time. However, they did not dare to cause any trouble at all.

Leann had been crying so much that her eyes were already swollen, but she could only reveal her personal information according to the staff’s request.

After inquiring about the identity of both parties, the staff said, “According to our regulations, to get divorced, both of you have to provide your original marriage certificate first.”


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