The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1285

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1285 – When Caesar heard Grant’s words, he was so furious that he gave him another slap across his face as he cursed, “You still dare to talk back to me? You’d better pay attention to what I’ve just said!”

Grant felt extremely wronged and depressed after getting slapped twice. When had he ever gotten beaten up by anyone at all ever since he had become an adult?

Not to mention, Caesar had actually slapped him twice in front of so many people today.

Although he felt very angry, he did not dare to express any dissatisfaction at this moment at all.

He could only nod in anguish before he said, ” Caesar, you are right. I should pay more attention to what I say in public in the future.”

Caesar snorted coldly before he glanced at Charlie. He could not help but feel a little guilty. So, he hurriedly asked Grant, “What the h**l is going on here today? Tell me everything in full detail and order!”

When Grant heard his words, he immediately spoke up with an expression full of anger and grievance. ” Caesar, I’ve really lost face here today. A little b*****d with no background or roots actually dared to be so pretentious in front of me. He actually dared to insult and humiliate me in front of everyone here today! You have to get justice back for me!”

As he spoke, Grant immediately explained everything to Caesar in detail.

Caesar could not help but feel a little dumbfounded as soon as he finished listening to Grant’s detailed explanation.

On one hand, he was surprised at the promiscuity of Grant’s daughter, and on the other hand, he was also very surprised at how David’s family could actually be so shameless. Lastly, he was also shocked at Master Wade’s sly operation and plan!

If he was in Charlie’s shoes and encountered such a situation, he would have just called his men to come over here to teach these two families a lesson. After that, he would make sure that Steve and Isabella could get married successfully.

However, only a genius like Master Wade would actually think of making David marry Grant’s daughter instead!

This was truly a dark comedy!

David and Leann wanted to force their son to marry a promiscuous woman and accept and raise her baby as his own.

However, both of them might never have imagined that the person who was going to be forced to marry a promiscuous woman and accept and raise her baby as his own would turn out to be David instead.

Caesar had already heard a lot about Master Wade’s deeds ever since a long time ago. Moreover, he had also heard of Master Wade’s resolute and uncompromising character.

Therefore, he looked at both Grant and David with sympathy in his eyes at this time. He knew that this solution seemed to be very absurd and ironic. However, he also knew very well that since this was Master Wade’s decision, there would be no room for any more discussion in this matter.

When Grant saw the strange expression on Caesar’s face, he hurriedly cried and pleaded, “Caesar, I am also considered a rather reputable person in Aurous Hill after all. This guy not only insulted and humiliated me, but he even humiliated my daughter too! How could I simply tolerate this just like that?”

Caesar scratched his head awkwardly before he looked at Charlie and said, “Grant, based on my opinion, you really do not know how to appreciate other people’s kindness at all. This matter in itself is already very complicated in the first place. Moreover, your family has to solve this matter urgently. Since you cannot find a good way to resolve this matter, Mr. Wade has already provided you with a very good solution, hasn’t he? Now that David is already here and your daughter is here as well, not to mention the wedding banquet at Hilton has already been set up, you should just take advantage of this right timing and place to hurry up and marry your daughter off to David, then.”


At this time, whether it was Grant, David, or Leann, none of them would have expected Caesar to say something like this!

David and Leann could not help but curse in their hearts. Was this Caesar invited to come here by Grant or Charlie?

Why wasn’t he speaking up for Grant at all?!


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