The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1283

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1283 – Caesar had always regarded Grant as a source of easy money. The annual protection fee that Grant paid to him alone was already as much as seven or eight million dollars. In addition to the portion handed over to Don Albert, Caesar could also save two to three million dollars for himself.

So, as soon as he heard that Grant wanted him to beat someone up for him, he blurted out without any hesitation, “Okay, wait a minute. I will bring my men there now!”

After Grant had thanked him, he hung up the phone before looking at Charlie and sneering as he said, “Young lad, don’t blame me for not giving you a way out. I asked you to kneel in front of me just now, but you did not cherish the opportunity that I gave to you. Even if you decide to kneel in front of me now, it is already too late.”

Charlie smiled as he asked, “Who did you call just now? Caesar Hilton? Is that John Rambo from “First Blood”?”

“Be less f*****g crazy!” Grant said coldly: “Caesar, one of Don Albert’s four heavenly kings!”

When Steve heard this, he said eagerly: “Charlie, I’m really sorry today! You can leave with Claire. Caesar and Grant have a very good relationship. He is on a mixed road, and he is vicious. I don’t want you and Claire to get hurt because of me…”

Charlie smiled and said, “Steve, you don’t need to apologize to me for this matter today, but I feel a little embarrassed. Don’t blame me for finding you a stepmother.”

“Uh…” Steve was speechless.

Steve always thought that Charlie was joking with them, and he didn’t take it seriously, but now, he seemed to be serious!

This…what does this mean?

At this time, Charlie looked at Grant and said with a smile: “You have said that he is only one of the four heavenly kings. It is not lively enough! So, call the remaining three too! After all, they are getting married. For your daughter’s great day, the more people who will join us, the better.”

“if you f*****g don’t see the coffin, don’t cry!” Grant gritted his teeth and cursed: “Okay, I will make you crazy for a while, and you will know the cost of rampantism shortly!”

Charlie shook his head and smiled helplessly: “You bad old men, bad old ladies, you are in your 50s or 60s. Why are you still so ill-tempered? You see, I am so young, but I am not angry at all, and I speak calmly.”

Having said that, Charlie sighed and said: “Well, I will call more people to come and cheer for you.”

Grant sneered and said: “Boy, you f*****g threaten me, if there is a kind of thing. You can ask someone to come, let’s show up with real swords and guns on both sides to compete!”

Charlie nodded, took out his phone, and sent a WeChat message to Don Albert.

“Bring all three of the four heavenly kings under your seat, except Caesar, to the Hilton Hotel. Also, I invite you to have a wedding wine.”

Don Albert was shocked and responded: “Master Wade, you… are you getting married again?”

“f**k off.” Charlie scolded: “It’s not me who asks, it is someone else, please bring them here.”

“Okay, I’ll be there!”

Charlie said: “Bring more brothers and join in.”

“Good Master Wade!”

Charlie then sent Isaac Cameron another WeChat, asking him to come to the Hilton Hotel to watch a play with him.

Since Isaac Cameron came back from Golim Mountain, he had treated Charlie as a g*d. Hearing the call of the young master, without saying anything, he immediately said: “Master, I will be there!”

A few minutes later, a Volkswagen Phaeton followed by seven or eight vehicles of various colors drove to the door of the Hilton Hotel.

The Volkswagen Phaeton stopped and a fleshy, middle-aged man got out.

Seeing this man, Grant sneered and said to Charlie: “Boy, Caesar is here, you are d**d today.”

Charlie had never seen Caesar, but when he saw this Phaeton sedan, his heart suddenly moved.

He remembered, Jeff, a young man who grew up in his orphanage, had driven his Mercedes-Benz and crashed into a Volkswagen Phaeton in order to get rid of his car. It is said that the Phaeton was the car of a big brother on the road… Caesar.

Charlie had a smirk at the corner of his mouth, thinking, this will be a bit interesting.


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