The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1281

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1281 – A fifty-plus-year-old man who already had a family and a home, to marry Mr. Ward’s daughter?!

Charlie’s words made the entire scene explode in anger.

Grant Ward became infuriated and began scolding, “You must be looking for d***h’s door! How dare you want my precious daughter to marry Steve’s father?!”

Charlie laughed, “You must be quite blind. Didn’t you just see that Steve is not interested in marrying your daughter? Steve’s parents, on the other hand, seem to want your daughter in their family… very desperately… So, wouldn’t the best solution to this dilemma be to allow Mr. Carson to marry your precious daughter?”

“You little b*****d! What nonsense are you spouting!” Leann was fuming. “To let my husband marry Mr. Ward’s daughter… then what about me?!”

Charlie continued, “You? I thought you wanted Mr. Ward’s daughter to be part of your family? Doesn’t this solve your problem? You should be thankful for my suggestion.”

Charlie then turned to David and smiled happily. “Old man Carson, after so many years of looking at this horrible old hag, shouldn’t that be more than enough? You’re very lucky that I am able to make this decision for you. I’m swapping out for a younger wife for you. Not only will you be able to get fifty million dollars, but you also get to acquire a new son! So much good news!”

“Shut your d**n mouth!” Leann screeched. She pointed at Charlie and continued scolding him, “You b*stard! You are indeed looking for trouble! Trust me when I say that I will bring my people and break both your legs!”

After saying what was on her mind, she turned to Mr. Ward and said anxiously, “Mr. Ward, this son of a b***h is here to stir up some problems. My husband is old and ugly, but your daughter is still young and beautiful. No matter what he said, my husband is no match for your daughter!”

Grant Ward was also very pissed. He raised his voice as he grit his teeth. “Twerp, you sure have guts. I didn’t expect you to trigger me like this. Do you even know who I am?!”

Charlie snarled, “I don’t care who you are. All I know is that you are going to be David’s future father-in-law.”

“You…” Mr. Ward was trembling in anger.

He was very conscious of his daughter’s good name. That was the whole reason why he was willing to pay as much money as he needed to marry his daughter off to a man who was willing to be wed into the Ward family.

What he didn’t anticipate was for this Charlie twerp to spout all this nonsense about marrying his daughter to David Carson, who was a man close to Mr. Ward’s age. Where was he going to put his face if this were to really happen?!

Mr. Ward snapped, “Kneel and beg for my forgiveness, or else I will make you regret living in this world.”

“Oh wow, Mr. Ward actually has the guts to say something like this?” Charlie sneered. “Alright, I want to see how capable you are. If you can’t make me eat my words, then I will make you eat yours!”

Leann felt very embarrassed and angry. She immediately fired at Charlie, “What did you eat to be so stupidly brave?! How dare you say those words to Mr. Ward! My people will beat you to d***h!”

Charlie looked around him and realized that everyone around them was either elderly people or normal human beings. To think that these people could hurt him? It was like a crazy person spouting nonsense!

Instead, he needed to be careful and control his powers if he were to fight them. He wouldn’t want to accidentally k**l someone… it would not end well. Plus, this was just a small matter. There was no need to take their lives.

Charlie then provoked Leann further. “Old hag, are you really that dumb? You’re trying to fight on behalf of Mr. Ward? If you must know, your husband is about to become Mr. Ward’s son-in-law. Once that happens, you’ll be kicked out of the Carson family. If I were to put the relationship in order, Mr. Ward is your love rival’s father! You should hate him instead!”


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