The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 128

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 128 – “Okay!”


A while later, an exclusive civilian helicopter roared thunderously in the sky.

Inside the helicopter were Isaac and ten men in black.

Isaac was donning a gloomy look. That stupid f*cker, how dare he make his move on Mrs. Wade? This was Aurouss Hilll! He had just signed his d***h wish!

The helicopter flew at high speed, and before long, it arrived above

Claire Wilson Wilson’s house.

Charlie Wade rushed to the rooftop, climbed directly into the helicopter, and hurriedly demanded, “Get to Elite Vault Enterprise as soon as possible!”


Meanwhile, at Elite Vault Enterprise.

As Claire Wilson Wilson was slowly lying down with no strength to struggle, Daniel grinned excitedly and stretched out his hands, trying to take Claire Wilson Wilson’s clothes off!

At this moment, the door was suddenly kicked open!

An ugly woman with an aggressive look stampeded into the room along with a few big and brawny men!

Seeing Daniel’s hands on Claire Wilson Wilson’s clothes, the woman cursed furiously, “Daniel Koch! How dare you cheat on me!”

Daniel recoiled in shock!

Why was the old shriveled hag here? How did she know?

Little did Daniel realize that everyone around him, including the staff and bodyguard, had been bribed by his wife. His wife knew everything that happened to him like the back of her palm, where he went, who he met, etc.

When she heard that Claire Wilson Wilson was here to meet Daniel, she was instantly alerted and vigilant.

Claire Wilson Wilson was famously known for her beauty in Aurouss Hilll. Because of her ugly appearance, Daniel’s wife hated beautiful women the most. She came as soon as she heard Claire Wilson Wilson was here.

Sure enough!

When she got here, she found out that her husband was trying to make out with Claire Wilson Wilson Wilson!

Daniel was so shocked, his heart was thumping violently. He hurriedly

said, “Dear! Dear, please listen to me! She seduced me!”

Looking at Claire Wilson Wilson’s flushed face and disheveled attire, the old hag’s face was turning into an ugly shade of red and growled, “D**n it! You dog! None of you can get away with this today!”

Then, she ordered her bodyguards, “Get them!”

The brawny men marched forward immediately, clasped Daniel’s arms, then

went to Claire Wilson Wilson and held her hands behind her back.

The old hag stood in front of Daniel and slapped him multiple times on his face as she cursed, “You b*****d! We treat you so well! Without us, you’ll be living in some slums eating s**t! How dare you betray me!”

The woman slapped him as hard as possible as she cursed at him, her body was shaking in fury.

Daniel wailed in pain and shouted, “Dear, no, you misunderstand! You

can’t blame me for this! It’s that Wilson b*tch, she tried to seduce me!”

The woman stopped and asked coldly, “What is going on? Tell me clearly now!”

Daniel hurriedly started, “This Claire Wilson Wilson Wilson, her family has some cash flow problems, so she wants to buy 10 million dollars of building materials on credit. We never sell our stuff on credit, you know that, and I never accept any purchase on credit…”

Then, he pointed at Claire Wilson Wilson angrily, “Then this shameless b*tch tried to seduce me when I rejected her request! She said that she can spend the night with me so that I can sell her the materials on credit…”

The woman asked coldly, “So you want to spend the night with her?” “No!” Daniel cried, tears drenching his face. “I was confused, but

nothing happened between us!”

The woman was extremely annoyed and agitated. She walked to the confused Claire Wilson Wilson, grabbed her hair, and slapped her hard on the face. “You b*tch! How dare you seduce my husband! I’m going to k**l you today! You can say goodbye to your s****y face too!”