The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1278

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1278 – To Skye, being pregnant was no big deal. Since she was already pregnant, all she needed to do was abort the baby. It was just like all the other times, nothing to worry about.

However, during her trip to the hospital, the doctor advised her not to abort the baby as her reproductive organ had reached its limit. If she were to undergo this a******n, she would never be able to get pregnant ever again.

Only after hearing those words did Skye realize that she was in deep trouble.

Every woman would like to be a mother someday. Although she was not ready to give birth to a child now, what if she suddenly wanted a child of her own in the future? Not being able to bear children wasn’t something she would want.

Due to this, she had come forward and told her parents about it. Upon hearing this, Mr. Ward had been furious, but he couldn’t neglect his daughter’s future.

Furthermore, she was his one and only daughter. Although she was not a son, he still wished for her to bear him a grandchild to pass on his hard-earned wealth and business.

If his daughter were to abort the mixed-race baby, she wouldn’t be able to give birth anymore, thus ending their family bloodline.

That was why he was desperately looking for a boy who was willing to marry into his family. The boy must be able to accept the baby that his daughter was about to give birth to. Once he heard that the Carson family’s son was willing to do so, he was elated! Thus, he immediately brought his wife and daughter along to settle the marriage.

This had all happened so suddenly that he didn’t even have time to get his daughter’s wedding dress tailored, but he knew that this was an urgent matter, therefore, he needed to handle this issue as fast as possible and as delicately as he could.

Mr. Ward then decided to immediately marry off his daughter, and he had paid a huge sum of money to organize a big wedding ceremony.

The main reason why Grant Ward was in such a rush was because he hadn’t told Lisa the truth.

Lisa didn’t know that Mr. Ward’s daughter could no longer bear children.

She thought that Skye was unable to let go of the feelings she had had for the mixed-raced man. Therefore, after giving birth to his child and once she had married Steve, she would then bear him another child of his own.

So, in truth, Grant Ward was trying to trick them into marrying his daughter.

He was afraid that once his daughter gave birth, no one else would want her anymore. Hence, he made up all these lies about wanting to find a man who was willing to marry into his family so that he could quickly get his daughter married and then give birth to the child.

Mr. Ward was a prideful man too. He didn’t want his daughter to marry any simple man. Once he heard from Lisa that Steve Carson was available, he immediately decided that he wanted him as his future son-in-law.

Grant Ward and his wife walked toward the crowd, and David and Leann quickly paced forward to greet them.

Due to his excitement, Mr. Ward couldn’t control himself as he saw David walking toward him. “Come here, old pal! We’ve known each other for so long! I really didn’t expect to become your in-laws so soon!”

David was also elated upon hearing those words and spoke with confidence. “To be in-laws with the Ward family is truly the greatest honor!”

Leann, who was standing at his side, agreed. “Yes! Mr. Ward, this must be your daughter. She’s so beautiful!”

Grant ushered Skye forward as he said with a smile. “Let me introduce my daughter, Skye Ward. She’s been living in the United States for many years and has recently come home.”

“Wow!” Leann joyfully said. “Skye looks so ladylike and has even stayed in America for so many years. She must be a genius!”

Grant Ward spoke with a smile. “Calling her a genius is too exaggerated, but her English is indeed way better than anyone I know.”

Leann was happy beyond words.

At this very moment, Grant Ward looked around and questioned, “Why do I not see my future son-in-law?”

Steve, on the other hand, was being surrounded by the Carson family, rendered unable to leave the scene.

Leann immediately replied, “Mr. Ward, please wait for a moment. I will bring him here to meet you right now!”


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