The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1277

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1277 – Charlie laughed after hearing what David had to say.

Leave Hilton on a stretcher?

This David truly didn’t know anything about this world.

Nevertheless, for him, Charlie Wade of the Wade family, to a****k this… this insignificant peasant… it was indeed a little undignified.

Therefore, after much thought, the best way to solve this would be to give Don Albert Rhodes a call. Let him bring a few people along like that time with Fred White. Then, he would just let the lackeys teach this husband and wife a lesson.

Suddenly, a Rolls Royce drove up.

Lisa, who had been silent all this while, suddenly jumped. “Oh! Mr. Ward is here!”

As soon as she said that, David and Leann tensed up.

In their minds, they were hoping that Mr. Ward would have taken his own sweet time to travel to the Hilton. During that time, they were hoping to solve the Isabella issue. If push came to shove, they were going to pay her a few hundred thousand dollars as a reward for leaving their son.

What they did not anticipate was for Mr. Ward to arrive so soon.

Due to the crowd near the exit, the Rolls Royce proceeded to park slightly further away from them.

The driver came down and proceeded to open the back-seat passenger door.

Instantly, a family of three came walking out of the car.

A middle-aged man wearing a body-fitting tuxedo and a prideful face, a middle-aged woman with gold and silver accessories coupled with a glamorous look, and between them was a young girl. Her looks were quite ordinary, but her clothes were very eye-catching.

She was clad in a long Chanel skirt which was worth about a few hundred thousand dollars, and her hand was clinging onto her Hermes handbag which was worth close to two to three hundred thousand dollars.

The family of three looked very happy and carefree.

Mr. Ward’s full name was Grant Ward. He had established a chain of medium-sized supermarkets in the city, and his assets were worth a few billion dollars!

His daughter was Skye Ward, and she was twenty-eight years old.

Skye had spent her earlier years studying in America. This was because it was a new norm for parents who could afford it to send their children overseas to study. Although it was a new norm, this did come with some drawbacks as well. Normally, those who were sent overseas to study fell into two categories.

One, they scored good results in school and were able to land themselves in famous international universities with scholarships.

Two, they did badly in school and couldn’t even make it through local universities, but due to the good financial status of their family, they were able to get a spot in some overseas university.

Most of those who studied overseas would eventually fall into one of the categories mentioned.

Skye’s family had spent millions for her to study overseas. Although she made it into one of those international universities, she had never once studied. All she did was play, spend money like water, and do a lot of nonsense.

Also, she was extremely interested in western boys, especially those who were of mixed-race origins.

She had once said that boys from mixed-race origins tended to give her pleasure that no other boy could.

During her time overseas, she had dated so many mixed-raced boys and had even gotten pregnant several times, forcing her to undergo several abortions just to cover it up.

This time around, after coming back from America, Skye had found out that she was pregnant. Plus, she had just recently broken up with her boyfriend.


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