The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1276

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1276 – It didn’t matter if Leann had to break her relationship with her son, or that David had to cut all ties with his flesh and blood. As long as they were able to force him to do what they wanted him to do, every sacrifice would be worth it.

Steve exclaimed aloud, “Since all of you don’t respect me, I have nothing else to say to all of you. If you want to cut ties with me, so be it!”

Leann exploded upon hearing her son utter those words. She snarked, “This cold-hearted b*****d child! Even raising a dog seems like a better choice compared to raising an ungrateful child! You’re willing to disown your own family for the sake of that… that low-life woman! I can’t believe I wasted so many years raising you to be such an unfilial son!”

Steve replied, “I’m sorry, mother. I don’t want to live the rest of my life being manipulated by you.”

David exploded furiously, “You useless son! If you walk out on us today, you won’t be getting any share of assets from us! You’d better reconsider your actions!”

Steve replied calmly, “No problem. I don’t want it.”

After finishing his sentence, Steve held onto Isabella’s hand and began walking out of the banquet hall.

Leann, who was observing his every move, was fuming in anger. She began shouting and scolding at the top of her lungs, “Quickly! Stop that heartless b*****d! No matter what happens, he mustn’t be allowed out of the banquet hall! The one who should be chased out is that low-life, good-for-nothing girl!”

As her voice began to dissipate into the air, the Carson family made their way toward the entrance to stop the leaving couple. They then proceeded to surround them.

Leann took big steps toward Isabella, raised her hand, and threw a slap across Isabella’s cheek. Her eyes b****d with fire as she scolded, “You demonic seductress! What have you done to my son! What kind of poison have you fed him?! If you don’t leave my son alone, I will k**l you!”

Isabella, who was stunned by Leann’s actions, couldn’t believe what was happening. She gently touched her wounded cheek and said sobbingly, “Aunty, Steve and I have been together for so many years. We really do love one another. Please… can’t you please give us your blessings?”

“I will bless your d**d grandparents!” Leann got even angrier upon hearing the girl confess her love for her son. She raised her hand and was about to slap Isabella again, but Steve was able to grab hold of her wrist before she could swing her arm.

In a threatening tone, he warned her, “Enough of this. If you’re not going to hold back, you’d better not blame me if I were to mistreat you.”

Leann continued her lecture, “Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?!”

Charlie smiled as he chipped in, “This is my wife’s disciple. Not only are you not allowed to mistreat her, but you are also supposed to treat her with respect. I’m giving you three seconds to apologize, otherwise don’t blame me for whatever comes next.”

“Curses!” Leann’s mind was only focused on the fifty million dollars worth of dowry. At this very moment, even if one of the heavenly kings were to appear, she would still not give in. Thus, Leann decided to point at Charlie while raising her voice to speak, “Aren’t you the one with two sportscars? What are you mumbling about here? Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me in that manner! Whatever is happening now has nothing to do with you, so don’t butt into other people’s family problems! If you intervene, I will not hold back!”

Charlie laughed as Leann spouted her sentences. “You will not hold back? You’re nothing but an old hag. Not only do you have a sharp tongue, but even your ego is as big as your words!”

“What did you call me?!” Upon hearing the words ‘old hag’, Leann’s anger hit its boiling point. Leann usually took good care of her skin, especially her face, and she always kept herself well-mannered.

Everyone around her was envious of her, constantly showering her with praises of how vibrant, young, and lady-like she was. Charlie, on the other hand, had called her an old hag. Never in her life had she ever felt as insulted as this.

She was angered to the point where she was on the brink of wanting to rush toward Charlie to rip his mouth apart!

David was also fuming in anger and hatred. He voiced out coldly, “Master Wade, don’t you think that whatever you’re doing is really out of line? Do you really think that just because you have some wealth, our Carson family would be afraid of you? I’m warning you. If you dare to get yourself involved in our family matters, I will make sure that you leave Hilton on a stretcher!”


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