The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 127

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 127 – Daniel was bouncing off the wall as he watched Claire Wilson Wilson gulp down the tea.

Now, all he had to do was wait for the sleeping pills to take effect!

After drinking the tea, Claire Wilson Wilson soon realized that something was off!

She felt like her head was spinning, it was very dizzy and heavy. What was going on?

She was utterly shocked as a thought crossed her mind!

Did Daniel d**g her?!

She trembled in shock and fear when she thought of such circumstances!

She wanted to get up, but her legs were giving way. From the looks of it, it was impossible for her to escape by herself!

While she was still conscious, she stealthily took out her phone, searched for Charlie Wade’s contact in her chatting app, and pressed the audio record button.

As the phone was recording her voice message, she said to Daniel, “Mr. Koch, I feel a little dizzy, is there something wrong with the tea?”

Daniel chuckled. “No, nothing’s wrong! This tea is the top PG Tips Diamond tea bag that I got from England, fifteen grand per tea bag, it’s very smooth and nice. Would you like another cup?”

“No, no thanks, Mr. Koch. I’m not feeling quite well right now, I have to

go now, sorry.”

A sly and cunning grin appeared on Daniel’s face. He was sitting on the couch next to Claire Wilson Wilson, but now, he stood up and sat next to Claire Wilson Wilson.

Looking at the restless and nervous Claire Wilson Wilson, Daniel smiled and said, “Miss Wilson, everyone says that you are the most beautiful woman in Aurouss Hilll. Your reputation precedes you, really. I’m so honored to meet you today!”

Claire Wilson Wilson inched away from him as he leaned closer to her and said while shaking her head repulsively, “Mr. Koch, can you please stay away from me?”

Daniel laughed. “Why, Miss Wilson? We are business partners, it doesn’t hurt to know each other better, does it?”

Then, he leaned even closer to her.

Claire Wilson Wilson wanted to stay away from him but she was already at the edge of the sofa. She crouched and shrank her body so that Daniel couldn’t touch her.

Daniel was inching closer and closer towards her while his eyes running flirtatiously on her body. His vile intention was speaking loud and clear from his actions.

Claire Wilson Wilson felt her head heavier and heavier as she tried to fight the dizziness. Her hands lost the grip and the voice message was sent to Charlie Wade.

Meanwhile, Charlie Wade was at home, doing house chores when he suddenly received the voice message. Instinctively, he pressed play and his eyes widened in fury!

D**n it!

The damned Daniel Koch was trying to lay his hands on his wife! He signed a d***h wish today, that f*cker!

He strolled the contact list and called Isaac right away, his face was as gloomy as a thunder cloud. “Get everyone that you can get to Elite Vault Enterprise right now, I want to b**n it to the ground today!”

Isaac asked, sounding astounded. “Boss, what happened? The wife of Daniel Koch, the owner of Elite Vault, is quite influential. Their family has a little business connection with us. If we ransack them abruptly, it is hard to control the other minor families that work for us.”

Charlie Wade growled coldly, “That f*cker wants to assault my wife! Are

you telling me that razing them to the ground is an abrupt action?!


Isaac was so shocked, his jaw almost fell to the floor!

He assumed that it was the boss whom Daniel had offended, but he didn’t

expect that the guy was targeting the boss’s wife!

He deserved every last bit of the punishment for what he did!

So, he quickly said, “Boss, I’ll get my people to go there right away!” “Okay! I’m going there too!”

“Boss, where are you? I’ll have the helicopter to pick you up, it’ll be faster!”