The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1264

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1264 – Everyone was even more surprised at this time.

Were these two cars really heading for the banquet hall?

There was only one family who would be holding a wedding in the banquet hall today. Could they really be here for the wedding?

However, every member of the Carson family understood very well in their hearts. In the entire Carson family, Steve’s father was indeed the wealthiest amongst them. However, he only had about tens of millions of dollars’ worth of assets. As for the others, they would probably have about ten million dollars, and those who were not so well off would probably have about a few million dollars’ worth of assets. At most, they could only be regarded as part of the middle class in Aurous Hill and they could not be regarded as being part of the upper class at all.

So, given their family social status, how could they possibly have such a powerful friend?

As everyone was still feeling puzzled, Charlie took the initiative to open the car door of the Bugatti Veyron as he stepped out of the car.

The crowd of people were all shocked and at a complete loss for words when they saw him.

Charlie was really too young. He looked like he was only about twenty-five to twenty-six years at most. He was so young but he could actually afford such an expensive luxury car. This made everyone feel that he was a very unusual and extraordinary person.

After Charlie stepped out of the car, the Aston Martin One-77 driven by his wife, Claire, had already slowly stopped behind his car.

As the light outside the car was very bright during the day, and since there was a reflective film installed to the inside of the car, it was completely impossible for anyone to tell who was sitting inside the car from the outside.

Everyone focused their attention on the Aston Martin One-77 at this time because they could not wait to see what kind of powerful figure was seated inside the car.

Charlie stepped forward as he approached the co-driver seat of the Aston Martin before he stretched out his hand to open the car door.

After that, Isabella, who was wearing a custom-made Vera White wedding dress, stepped out of the car with a nervous expression on her face!

The Carson family did not react at all when they saw her.

Their first thought was, whose bride was this? What kind of big shot was she, that there were actually two top super sports cars that were being used as a wedding car to pick her up?

Steve was also a little surprised at first sight. However, after that, he recognized the beautiful bride who was wearing a wedding dress!

Wasn’t this his fiancée, Isabella?

He was shocked but he could not be bothered about anything at all. He was simply filled with joy as he ran up to Isabella, and said excitedly, “Isabella, you’re finally here!”

As soon as he said those words, everyone in the Carson family were all shocked.

At this time, everyone finally realized that the bride who had just stepped out of the Aston Martin One-77 was none other than Isabella, the poverty-stricken daughter-in-law who was about to marry Steve!

Everyone was completely stunned.

The entire Carson family knew very well about the situation of Isabella’s family.

Her parents were good-for-nothing who were idle most of the time. They would only do some odd part-time jobs occasionally, but they would never persevere or put any effort in anything that they did.

Moreover, she also had a younger brother who was lazy and fond of receiving benefits without doing any work at all. It could be said that the lives of her family members were a complete mess.

In addition, her family home wasn’t even in Aurous Hill but it was located in one of the counties surrounding the city instead. This meant that their family did not even own a valuable property of their own.

Moreover, the house that her family lived in had a history of more than twenty or thirty years now. They would not even be able to sell their house for more than three hundred thousand dollars.

Everyone in the Carson family was also very clear about the fact that the Stark family was very determined to ask for a dowry from the Carson family. This was so that they could afford the down payment of a new house for their lazy, good-for-nothing son.

In the eyes of the Carson family, this sort of family living under such conditions really belonged to the lowest rung of society.

Therefore, apart from Steve, no one else in the Carson family looked up to Isabella at all.

However, what they really could not understand was how Isabella, whom everyone despised and looked down on, could actually come here in a limited edition Aston Martin One-77!


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