The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1258

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1258 – Since Claire was so good to her, Isabella felt that Claire would definitely not harm her in any way.

Charlie drove the car directly to Jasmine’s bridal shop.

Even Claire was a little surprised when he stopped the car.

She had just asked him to look for a friend so they could borrow a better wedding dress from them. However, she really did not expect him to be able to borrow a wedding dress here!

This was the store owned by the world’s top wedding dress designer, Vera White!

Even Claire did not dare to expect to have the opportunity to wear such a top and luxurious wedding dress.

Moreover, she really did not expect her husband to be so resourceful even in this area.

Could it be that the bridal shop also requested Charlie’s help to look at their Feng Shui?

As she was deep in thoughts, Charlie had already pushed his car door open as he got out of the car.

At this time, a tall, charming and noble woman walked out of the bridal shop. Claire realized that she knew who this woman was. It was Jasmine, the eldest lady of the Moore family.

Jasmine had personally come to congratulate her during the opening of her studio.

At that time, Claire felt a little inferior and somewhat at a loss in front of a wealthy lady like Jasmine.

When she saw Jasmine again at this time, Claire suddenly felt the need to retreat deep in her heart. She really did not want to step out of the car and meet her face to face.

However, when she thought about how she would need to help Isabella put on her wedding dress, she knew that it would be impossible for her to continue hiding inside the car forever. Therefore, she could only bite the bullet as she got out of the car.

At this time, Jasmine had already arrived in front of Charlie. She had very affectionate eyes and a smile on her face as she said respectfully, “Master Wade, you’re here.”

Charlie asked curiously, “Why are you here too?”

Jasmine smiled before she said, “Master Wade, since you’re requesting a wedding dress, then I naturally have to come over here to serve you personally.”

As they were talking, Jasmine suddenly saw Claire coming out from the Aston Martin One-77 parked behind Charlie’s car. There was a flash of envy and jealousy on Jasmine’s face as she said, “Mrs. Wade is here too.”

Charlie nodded. At this time, Isabella also got out of the car anxiously. So, Charlie told Jasmine, “The one next to my wife is my wife’s high school classmate and she’s the one getting married today. So, please prepare a fitting wedding dress for her as soon as possible. We have to leave as soon as she puts on the wedding dress.”

When Jasmine heard this, she hurriedly said to Claire and Isabella, “Mrs. Wade and this lady over here, please come into the shop with me to try on the wedding dress.”

Isabella was stunned when she saw the huge brand logo on the door. She realized that it was a Vera White bridal shop and she exclaimed, “Claire, this … what is this?”

Claire was also shocked. However, she pretended to be calm as she said, “I asked Charlie to help you borrow a more fitting wedding dress for your wedding today so he has brought us here.”

After that, Claire spoke to Jasmine in an awkward and unnatural manner, “Miss Moore, I really did not expect you to be here. We will have to trouble you with this matter today.”

Jasmine smiled indifferently as she said seriously, “Mrs. Wade, you don’t have to be so polite with me. Both you and Master Wade are my most distinguished guests. As long as you speak up, I’ll definitely do my best to help both of you.”

After that, she stood in a dignified manner as she made a welcome gesture and said, “Please step inside!”


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