The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1249

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1249 – As soon as he heard this, Charlie asked Claire curiously, “What? She’s getting married today and she only informed you about it?”

“Yes…” Claire replied. “She wants me to come and help her out. Otherwise, she really wouldn’t be able to handle everything on her own. I was originally planning to ask her to look for a few old classmates to help her prepare for her wedding. It would be great if they could come just to cheer her up too but she’s not willing to do that.”

Charlie replied helplessly, “I guess she doesn’t want to lose face in front of too many of her old classmates. So, it’s actually understandable.”

Claire nodded slightly before she said, “I have never seen her being so pitiful before. It is her most important wedding day but her own natal family and her in-laws are both giving her trouble…”

As she spoke, Claire could only sigh as she said, “Charlie, in fact, I think I was really fortunate to marry you. If I was really forced by my family to marry a rich heir from a wealthy and powerful family, then I don’t know if I would’ve been bullied by my in-laws too.”

Charlie had a slightly awkward look on his face.

His own wife did not know anything yet. She did not know that the pathetic husband that she married was actually the young master of the wealthiest and most powerful family in the country.

When Claire saw the weird expression on his face, she thought that he was angry and she hurriedly explained, “Charlie, don’t overthink it. I have no other intentions. I just wanted to say that I’m really lucky to marry you!”

Charlie nodded as he smiled. After that, he asked her, “What would you do if you find out one day that I’m actually a rich heir?”

Claire laughed before she said, “What you said is never going to happen because you’re an orphan. So, that means that you can never be the young master of a rich family.”

Charlie replied, “I am just making an analogy. What if I am really a rich heir then?”

Claire smiled before she said, “If you were really a rich heir from some wealthy and powerful family, then I’ll divorce you.”

Charlie asked in surprise, “Are you serious?”

Claire chuckled as she said, “I’m just teasing you. Hurry up and go now! It’s this building. Let’s go upstairs now!”

Charlie shook his head helplessly before he followed her up the old staircase unit.

What really surprised him was the fact that today was the day that his wife’s classmate would be getting married. However, even after they arrived at their front door of their building, the family did not even post any celebratory messages or words of blessing at all. It seemed as though this family did not make any preparations at all to marry off their daughter.

The couple walked up the stairs together and when they arrived at the third floor, they could hear someone cursing and yelling loudly outside.

“You are a wastrel! Are you really going to marry into their family without taking a single cent from them? If you really decide to get married like this, then wouldn’t I be criticized and ridiculed by others?”

The person who was speaking was a middle-aged woman and her voice was very pungent and shrewd. It seemed as though she could be compared to Elaine.


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