The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1242

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1242 – In Lady Wilson’s opinion, vanity was the great flaw in Elaine’s character. Besides, she was also very greedy and a freeloader. If Lady Wilson were to give her a Bentley for real, she would definitely try to persuade Claire to succumb to her request.

However, Lady Wilson overlooked another attribute in Elaine’s character, which was holding a grudge!

Elaine loved to gain advantages by unfair means, but she held grudges to the extreme.

Previously, she had been persuading Claire to return to Wilson Group because she had no grudge against Lady Wilson other than some minor conflicts.

These minor conflicts wouldn’t have any effect on Elaine when it came to money.

The tables had turned now!

Elaine’s hostility towards Lady Wilson went off the charts!

When they were in the detention center, Lady Wilson had influenced Jennifer to torture Elaine severely. Not only did they torture her by all means but they had also broken her leg before she left. Because of these tormenting experiences, Elaine resented Lady Wilson very much, so much so that even a brand new Bentley could not diminish her hatred for her.

What’s more, Elaine was getting smarter now. She knew clearly that the person she couldn’t afford to displease now was her son-in-law, Charlie. It was possible that Charlie would kick her out of the luxurious villa if she got on his nerves.

Now that her husband wanted a divorce and her daughter no longer took her side, she couldn’t be on bad terms with Charlie. Otherwise, if she really pissed Charlie off and got kicked out of the house, she would end up on the street!

Moreover, she knew better than anyone how cruel the old witch was. If she fell for her trap, who knew what kind of torture would await her in the future?

Therefore, she had decided that she wouldn’t be bewitched by Lady Wilson’s flattering words anymore.

Thinking of this, she arched her eyebrows and mocked, “Hey, old witch, I’ve told you that your stupid Bentley is not even worth one-tenth of my son-in-law’s car, how do you expect me to fall for that piece of c**p? Oh please, only you naive simpletons will treat that piece of s**t like a treasure, you even have the nerve to drive it to my doorstep. You’re such a disgrace!”

Harold blurted in dismay, “Elaine, stop your b******t right there! Grandma is giving you the chance to repent and admit to your mistake so you’d better take it, you braggart! There’s no turning back if you miss this chance!”

Elaine laughed. “Oh, you little b*****d, how dare you call me a braggart! Just wait, I’ll show you what a real luxury car looks like!”

After saying that, Elaine immediately retrieved the remote control key of the courtyard gate and pressed the open button.

In order to facilitate the owners of the villas getting in and out of the garage conveniently, every Thompson First villa was equipped with a remote-controlled electric gate that the owners could remotely operate using the key without getting out of the car.

As soon as Elaine pressed the key, the gate began to open outward slowly, revealing Charlie’s two exclusive supercars that were parked directly on the porch.

At this moment, Charlie was sitting in the Aston Martin with Claire.

He had just given Claire a detailed description of the maneuvering procedures of the sports car and was about to take her out for a test drive. Hence, he pressed the red button that started the engine, followed by a loud blast of the V12 engine with 7.3-liter displacement. The sound of the running engine resembled the majestic howling of twelve wild beasts.

Lady Wilson, as well as the rest of the Wilson family, were shocked by the abrupt ear-deafening sound that suddenly echoed from the yard.

When they fixed their gazes to the direction of the loud roar, they saw that a supercar with a facade as fierce as a beast had started and was slowly driving towards the open door!


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