The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1241

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1241 – Upon hearing Lady Wilson’s words, Elaine was taken aback and upset.

Did someone really invest in the Wilson family? Was he or she crazy?

Among the lousy few that were left in the Wilson family, who could they bring to the table? It was absolutely impossible that these people could get Wilson Group back on track! Investing in their company would be like throwing money down the drain!

Thinking of this, Elaine immediately sneered. “Hey, old bat, please drop your pathetic act in front of me. Based on what I know about you and your lousy family members, even if Wilson Group reopens, it will definitely go bankrupt again in a few days. Just look at what you have left in the feeble family of yours! What can you expect from Harold the l***r anyway? You should be thankful if he doesn’t spend all your money!”

Elaine’s remarks also hit Lady Wilson’s sore spot.

Although Donald Webb had invested in their company, it in no way meant that they would be able to be at ease in the future.

After all, Donald’s money had only helped them solve their financial crisis, but they needed someone capable to manage and lead the company if they wanted to sustain and expand their business empire.

However, in reality, the Wilson family didn’t have any talented candidates that could tackle the job.

Christopher’s abilities were mediocre at best. Harold was even more of an eyesore who was very good at taking advantage of his own family, so it was almost impossible to rely on him to manage the company, let alone make money.

It’s been a few years since Harold joined Wilson Group, but he was nothing but a useless employee who hadn’t accomplished anything during his employment.

As for Wendy, there was nothing to shout about this lazy good-for-nothing as she hadn’t worked a day in her life after graduating from an unknown diploma mill.

When she was Gerald White’s fiancée, all she had done was spend money lavishly. After breaking up with him, she became Kenneth’s lover and then Jeffrey’s. Now, not only did she have little to no ability to run a business, but she had also developed a notorious reputation for her swindling lifestyle. She was completely hopeless as well.

On the other hand, Lady Wilson was not getting any younger. There were a lot of things that she couldn’t do by herself nor was she capable of handling them anymore. Under such desperate circumstances, she felt that Claire, her least favorite grandchild, was in fact the most capable person in the entire Wilson family.

Therefore, although she was here to mock Elaine, she actually wanted to make Elaine yield to her again by using her repossessed glory and charisma. If she was able to get Elaine to take her side, Elaine would help her to persuade Claire to return to Wilson Group.

If Claire was willing to come back, she would definitely appoint her as the director of the company so she could get the company back on track and revive its glory again.

Lady Wilson had learned about Claire’s current situation before she came today. The scale of her company was small, but she had many projects in hand and they were all coming from Emgrand Group, the Moore family, the White family, and the Quinton family.

Claire was now slowly executing and completing these projects. If she returned to the company, she would bring these projects with her, wouldn’t she?

Thinking of this, Lady Wilson suppressed her anger and said, “Elaine, we don’t have any deep grudges between us, so why can’t you just let bygones be bygones? In my opinion, why don’t we put our prejudices aside and try to work together, huh? Do you agree?”

Elaine growled with annoyance, “Excuse me? We don’t have any deep grudges? Don’t you dare butter me up, old witch! Have you forgotten how you broke my leg? Just you wait, sooner or later, I’m going to smash both your legs into a million pieces!”

Lady Wilson pointed at the brand new Bentley Continental and said in an earnest tone, “Elaine, if you and the rest of the family are willing to come back to our embrace, I’ll buy the same Bentley for you, what do you think?”


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