The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1227

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1227 – Meanwhile, Jasmine had returned to the Moore family mansion.

On the way back, she blushed shyly and her heart was thumping vigorously when she recalled the bold k**s she gave Charlie.

Frankly speaking, Jasmine was not the kind of woman who would take the initiative in a relationship.

She had countless suitors since she was young, but she had never liked any of these suitors.

In fact, she hadn’t even liked anyone before she met Charlie.

Even she herself did not expect that she would spiral out of control after falling in love with Charlie.

As the young lady of the number one family in Aurous Hill, if the news about the k**s were to spread, she would soon become the laughing stock of the entire city.

After all, in the public’s opinion, they shunned the unreserved idea of a girl throwing herself at a man.

Moreover, it was her first k**s that she had kept for twenty-six years and she gave it to Charlie.

However, Jasmine had no regrets at all.

At the same time, she decided firmly that she would prove her sincerity to Charlie through time and practical actions. She said that she would wait for him, so she would wait even if it took forever.

As Jasmine drove the car into the yard of her house, Oscar rushed forward and greeted respectfully, “Miss, you’re home. Please park your car here, I’ll drive the car to the garage.”

Jasmine said, “It’s okay, Uncle Oscar. I can park it myself, go ahead with your chores.”

Oscar said frantically, “Oh no, Miss Moore, I can’t. You’re now the head of the Moore family and from now on, we the servants will assist you in any way possible.”

Then, he leaned in closer and whispered, “By the way, Lord Moore is still waiting for you.”

Jasmine gawked when she heard that her grandfather was waiting for her. She hurriedly nodded and left the key with Oscar before grabbing her handbag and rushing into the house.

At this moment, all the Moore family members gathered at the Moore family’s living hall.

Although Jasmine’s birthday banquet was over, no one dared to leave since Lord Moore didn’t announce dismissal.

In fact, the more observant folks noticed that Lord Moore did not sit at the main seat of the living hall this time.

The interior layout of the Moore family’s formal living room was similar to that of the conference room of a large company, with the main seat right in front and center and eighteen seats on each side on the left and right of the main seat.

Normally, Lord Moore would sit on the main seat by default, but this time, he chose to sit on the right-hand side of the main seat.

It was as clear as the sky to everyone that he was reserving the main seat for Jasmine.

Reuben and his father, Theodore, sat opposite Lord Moore with stony expressions on their faces.

Tonight’s event was like a nightmare for them, and they had yet to wake up from it, nor would they ever wake up.

The current Lord Moore was physically and mentally strong. He not only had strong judgment but also a willful ability to control the situation. If he was determined to help Jasmine take the throne, their hands were tied even if they wanted to stop him.

Under such circumstances, the father and son would not be able to disobey Lord Moore’s decision even if they were strongly against it.

As long as he was alive, Jasmine would have a robust reliance on her side.


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