The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1214

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1214 – As this thought lingered in Theodore’s mind, he ground his teeth scornfully, m*******s intent flooding his thoughts.

Lord Moore seemed to have noticed the dissatisfaction in his eldest son’s expression and tone, so he turned to Charlie and said respectfully, “Master Wade, I have a presumptuous request that I hope you can agree to.”

Charlie smiled lightly and said, “Do tell, Lord Moore.”

Lord Moore started, “I hope you can become the second heir to the patriarch of the Moore family in case anything happens to Jasmine in the future. If Jasmine does not leave any children, you will automatically become the head of the family. If you agree, I can promise you that 30% of the family’s net profit will be yours, and it will be valid forever. You have my word on that.”

The reason for such a request was because Lord Moore was indeed worried that his eldest son and his family might harm Jasmine due to the arrangement, but he was reluctant to give up his decision because of this reason.

He knew clearly that in order to bring the Moore family to the next level, the first thing he had to do was to appoint Jasmine as the head of the family.

It would be perfect if Charlie could become Jasmine’s husband and join the Moore family.

It didn’t matter even if Charlie didn’t want to be the live-in son-in-law. As long as he bore an offspring with Jasmine, the child would have the blood of the Moore family. It didn’t really matter to him whether the child carried the Moore family name or not.

Moreover, it would be beneficial for him if Charlie became his grandson-in-law.

At this age, money was no longer the priority, but health and lifespan.

Appointing Jasmine as the head of the family was just one of his plans.

His ultimate hope was to get Charlie to become Jasmine’s husband.

Charlie didn’t know that Lord Moore was still thinking about making him his grandson-in-law. He assumed that Lord Moore was worried about Jasmine’s future after the appointment, so he wished that Charlie could be with Jasmine more often so that he could protect Jasmine.

If he was appointed as the second heir of the family patriarch, it didn’t make sense for others to harm Jasmine because they had to deal with him next.

Moreover, even if someone in the family wanted to snatch the position from their hands, they had to weigh whether they were able to fight against Charlie.

Lord Moore was very generous, though. He was willing to give him 30% of the family’s net profit, which was a large sum of money.

However, Charlie had all the money in the world already, nor did he care about money.

His main concern was Jasmine’s safety and future.

In Charlie’s heart, Jasmine’s status was second only to his wife, Claire.

He didn’t know exactly why Jasmine held such a high status, but he felt that Jasmine was an impeccable and wonderful woman.

They got along very well, and her temperament and style were congenial to him.

He could even regard her as his confidant.

Jasmine used to reveal her past to him when they were drinking together. He knew about her bitter and pitiful past. In fact, she didn’t have the power to decide her marriage as she was from a wealthy and influential family.

Thus, he sincerely hoped that Jasmine could become the head of the Moore family.

That way, no one could force her to do things she didn’t want to do in the future.

Thus, he said in an earnest tone, “Lord Moore, don’t worry. I’ll ensure Jasmine’s personal safety from now on.”


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