The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1212

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1212 – At this moment, Lord Moore continued, “Jasmine has always been a very well-mannered girl, and she is very concerned about family matters, be it personal or business. I am truly grateful for that. In fact, some time ago, when I was gravely ill and all the doctors announced that my time had almost come, she introduced Master Wade to me. It was Master Wade who cured me and pulled me back from the light. He even gave me the precious Rejuvenating Pill, allowing me to rewind my timeline to 20 years younger.”

Lord Moore paused for a while, bowed slightly to Charlie, and said, “Master Wade, I thank you for your help in curing me, and of course, I am grateful for my granddaughter and her endless efforts. Therefore, on the occasion of her birthday today, I would like to make an announcement. I have decided that from tomorrow, Jasmine will officially take over the position of the head of the Moore family. Also, I will officially retire from tomorrow!”

Lord Moore’s voice echoed across the hall like a b**b that had been fired at the crowd and exploded! The audience roared and cheered in astonishment and bewilderment!

No one would have expected that Lord Moore would let a female descendant inherit the family!

After all, there had never been a family, especially powerful and influential families, that handed over the position of the head of the family to a young woman.

In addition, Lord Moore had several sons and a bunch of grandsons. His eldest son, Theodore, was already ready to inherit the family. In fact, Theodore’s inheritance was anticipated by the public as they estimated that Lord Moore would hand over his position to his eldest son in a few years.

Unexpectedly, he had handed over the position to neither his eldest son nor eldest grandson, but to his granddaughter!

Wrath of fury started burning inside Theodore and Reuben’s hearts. They were so furious and resentful now!

Never did they imagine that Jasmine would become the head of the Moore family.

At this moment, their hearts fumed with extreme hatred toward Lord Moore and Jasmine!

The old man was too biased toward Jasmine, wasn’t he?!

How could he hand over the 200 billion family fortune to Jasmine just like that?

She was just a 26-year-old woman! She didn’t deserve to inherit the 200 billion family fortune!

Jasmine was equally dumbfounded at this moment.

All this while, she wanted to do the best she could for the Moore family and had bent over backward for the family before she became another man’s wife. However, she did it on her own will and not because she wanted to inherit the Moore family fortune, let alone being appointed as one.

Needless to say, Jasmine was very excited now. She was a very ambitious and enthusiastic woman, and she was over the moon when she heard that she was about to succeed as the head of the family.

Reuben, on the other hand, was frustrated by Lord Moore’s decision. He stood up and blurted, “Grandpa! How could you hand over the position of the head of the family to Jasmine? She is a girl, and she will be married in the future, expected to carry her husband’s family name! Do you really want to see the Moore family’s wealth fall to another family’s hands?!”

Lord Moore glared at him and said coldly, “Jasmine’s last name is also Moore. No matter what, she is always part of the Moore family. Besides, I believe that no one in the entire Moore family is comparable to Jasmine in terms of capability and business skills. She is the best candidate as head of the family.”

Theodore said with an emotionless face, “Father, I don’t think this arrangement is appropriate, please reconsider your options!”

Lord Moore’s other sons also stood up and urged, “Father, please reconsider your options!”

None of them could accept the fact that Jasmine would be the new head of the family.

Lord Moore said flatly, “Well, I beg to differ. I founded the family business myself, and I built the family empire with my b**e hands. I didn’t inherit it from anyone, so I have absolute control over the Moore family. I’ve decided to hand it over to Jasmine, not because of some impulse or random thinking, but after careful consideration and scrutiny, because I believe that Jasmine will definitely make the family better and stronger!”

As he spoke, he looked around and said to his family members, “All the descendants of my Moore family have the right to receive a hefty dividend from the family, so even if Jasmine becomes the head of the family, all of you can still live your comfortable and lavish life without worry. Don’t forget, it doesn’t matter who becomes the head of the family, the important thing is who can lead the family to become stronger and more powerful in the business arena.”

Lord Moore paused for a while before continuing with a stern face, “Let’s take Branson and his family as an example. Every year, they can obtain 10% of the family’s dividend rate. If the yearly dividend of the family is 5 billion, their family can get 500 million. But if someone can bring the family to the next level and obtain 10 billion in dividends a year, their family can get 1 billion of dividend annually. Don’t you wish that a more capable person could lead you and the rest of the family to make more money?”


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