The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1206

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1206 – Travis didn’t dare to take the Rejuvenating Pill and hurriedly said, “Master Wade, I haven’t paid the money yet, so I won’t dare to take the pill from you. I’ll call my company’s financial department and transfer the money to your account right away.”

Charlie nodded with a smile. He then took out his card and passed it to Travis. “This is my card, please transfer the money into this account.”

Sam was taken aback when he glimpsed the card. That was the exclusive black card of Citibank, wasn’t it?!

There were no more than five people in the country who owned that card.

Moreover, Citibank provided very strong privacy protection for their exclusive black card members. Who was this Charlie and where had he come from? How could he have this card?!

At this moment, Charlie suddenly looked at Sam and said with a coy smile, “Master Kilgore, your necklace is worth 120 million dollars while my Rejuvenating Pill is worth 2 billion. You don’t need me to tell you whose item is more expensive, right?”

Sam’s expression twisted into an agitating grimace.

What the f**k was wrong with these people? Why would someone spend 2 billion to buy a f*****g pill? Were they out of their minds?

However, his whining was useless now. He was the one who had started the argument anyway, now, he didn’t know how to end it nicely and properly.

Did he really have to s*****w the f******g ruby necklace?!

It was easy to s*****w, but what if it got stuck in his intestines and he couldn’t p**p it out?

However, what else could he do if he didn’t s*****w it?

He was the one who had made the ruthless statement, he couldn’t break his promise in front of so many people.

On second thought, it wasn’t harmful to him to go back against his word though. He didn’t know anyone in Aurous Hill, so the gossip wouldn’t affect him much.

However, on third thought, he wanted to go one step further with Jasmine. If he broke his promise and humiliated himself in public today, it would not be easy to impress Jasmine in the future.

Just as he was in the middle of the dilemma, Isaac waved the phone in his hand and said, “Master Kilgore, just so you know, I’ve recorded the whole incident earlier. You are the third young master of the Kilgore family, if you break your promise, I will send this video to everyone in the upper-class society in Eastcliff. I hope you can consider the consequences.”

Sam glared at Isaac in utter disbelief. His face turned red as he growled angrily, “Mr. Cameron, I don’t have anything against you, why are you doing this to me?”

Isaac said flatly, “Master Kilgore, you are being a bit unreasonable here. I, Isaac Cameron, have always been fair in everything I do. I never take anyone’s side, and I base my judgment on reason and facts. The incident today started with you. You provoked Master Wade first, and you were the one who wanted to start a bet with Master Wade. How can you break your promise now? Do you think that just because you are a descendant of the Kilgore family, you don’t have to keep your words? I remember the time when your father, Heath Kilgore, and your grandfather, Alexander Kilgore, ventured into the business circle. They were known as the men of their words, so why does the moral value deteriorate when it comes to your generation?”

Sam’s face turned gloomy when he heard Isaac’s remark. He didn’t expect Isaac to know so much about his father and grandfather.

The Kilgore family was a wealthy family that was descended from an American colonist who had made a fortune in a diversified business empire.

The Kilgore family of Eastcliff’s line could advance to such a massive empire nowadays all thanks to the unremitting efforts of Sam’s previous generations of the family.

His ancestors, even in his father and grandfather’s generation, emphasized their family value in credibility and honesty, and they never went back on their own words.

Sam knew very well that if Isaac shared this video with the upper-class society in Eastcliff, the Kilgore family would become a laughingstock, and their reputation would be tarnished severely.

If his family found out about what he had done today, he would be done for. His grandfather would punish him according to the family rules, and he would even be grounded for two to three years.

When he thought of the consequences, he became resentful and agitated.

At the same time, he regretted his actions!

He would have acted differently if he had known it would come to this!


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